Fight Legislation To Limit Public Adjusters In Insurance Claims

In February, 2009, my home caught on fire. It was devastating for my family. We had insurance. You get a false sense of security with insurance. If you think your insurance company is going to do right by you, think again.

The insurance adjuster is not there to be your “friend.” Insurance adjusters are trained to make sure you get as little as possible, and saving the insurance company as much money as possible.

We hired a public adjuster who was able to make the insurance company responsible for what was owed.

On Jan. 16, The Ledger ran an article titled “Property Owners Win Higher Settlements With a Public Adjuster.” Yet there is legislation in Tallahassee that would limit the public adjusters across Florida from having contact with any policy holder. House Bill 1181, filed by Rep. Janet C. Long, D-Seminole, and Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Bradenton.

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