Advocate Claims gets Lake Worth Insurance Claim a Higher Settlement

Wendy M. was dealing with extensive water damage in her condominium’s kitchen due to a roof leak. 

Like many people in this situation, she first tried to handle the insurance claim herself, working with her insurer, United Property & Casualty Insurance Company. This proved to be a fruitless effort, as the offer from the insurance provider was nowhere near enough to cover the costs of repairs.

Looking for a better option, Wendy searched online and found Advocate Claims Public Adjusters. She gave us a call, asking about our experience, background and licensing. After speaking with an Advocate Claims public adjuster she knew she needed to help with her Lake Worth Insurance Claim. Our public adjuster reviewed the damage to her property and the initial insurance settlement offer.

Advocate Claims decided that the best step moving forward was to bring in a mold inspection expert to closely examine Wendy’s kitchen. After opening a small hole in the kitchen wall, mold was discovered next to her bottom cabinets. This was after the independent adjuster for her insurance company had only taken note of the removal of one upper cabinet and never even discovered the damage done to the bottom cabinets.

United Property & Casualty Insurance Company offered Wendy $2,600. Advocate Claims Public Adjusters got her an additional $19,000!

United Property & Casualty Insurance Company offered Wendy $2,600. Advocate Claims Public Adjusters got her an additional $19,000!

Florida insurance companies owe their policyholders a proper inspection and the full investigation of claims related to property damage. More often than not, and due to the high volume of claims each adjuster handles, the inspections are typically not very detailed. Consumers do not realize it is up to them to provide the proper proof of their property damage, along with the cost of repairs. Advocate Claims Public Adjusters believes in being as thorough as possible in the proper documentation of policyholders’ insurance claims and using qualified experts to help support the damage that has actually been done to a property.  

In this case, Wendy’s insurance company had originally offered her a measly $2,600 to repair her kitchen. Thanks to the efforts of Advocate Claims Public Adjusters, Wendy received another $19,000 to get her home properly repaired. She is now another satisfied customer of our respected public adjusting firm.

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters works with homeowners and business owners across Florida, including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Hollywood and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 1-954-369-0573 or contact us online.


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