Business Insurance Claims

Many businesses never recover from a catastrophic insurance claim, causing the business to fail.

Documenting business interruption and business income loss claims are both specialties of Advocate Claims Public Adjusters. Insurance companies hire their own adjuster to be the team leader on these complex insurance claims.

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Empower yourself by hiring us to be your team leader! This is so important that it may make the difference between your business surviving or failing, thriving or crumbling. We can bring the right experts to your business, to protect your insurance claim interests.

Services Provided

  1. Review the insurance policy
  2. Provide advice about your entitlements for your claim
  3. Fully document the insurance claim
  4. Provide the insurance company with a detailed building repair estimate
  5. Prepare a detailed physical inventory and appraisal of all damaged personal property
  6. Photograph and/or Video your damages
  7. Provide experts, if needed, to support the claim (outside vendors, such as attorneys, forensic engineers, contractors, roofers, plumbers, emergency dry out experts to assist you)
  8. Present the fully documented claim to your insurance company on your behalf
  9. Negotiate the best possible insurance  claim settlement
  10. Keep you apprised of ongoing settlement effort


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