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How Well Do You Know Your Florida Insurance Policy?

Did you know that flooding from a natural source, i.e. a hurricane, is not covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies? Did you also know that if you do not maintain your home and something goes wrong, your insurance most likely won’t accept your claim? There are a lot of aspects of homeowner’s insurance that people […]

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Hurricane Safety for You and Your Florida Home

Hurricane season in South Florida can sometimes be a whirlwind. While there are some seasons where the east coast doesn’t see a single storm, there are others where the coast is constantly battered by the high winds and torrential rain. In the case of the latter, it is important that you have a plan for […]

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Summer’s here! Get Your South Florida Home Insulated

When you’re from the north, you insulate your house to keep the cold out during the winter. But when you’re from the south it is the exact opposite, you get your South Florida home insulated to keep the cold in during the summer. Having a home that is poorly insulated can lead to sky high […]

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Are Public Adjusters Worth it?

When you have legal issues, you hire a lawyer. When you are sick, you go to the doctor. When you are young, you go to school to be taught by professionals. Why do we do all of these things? We pay these people large amounts of money because all of these people are educated in […]

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Questions To Ask Your Public Adjuster during Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts at the same time every year, with some years going by without a storm, and others with storms like Sandy and Katrina. You can never tell what a hurricane season is going to bring, and that can create some tension. Paying high premiums for the possibility of there being a storm can […]

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Hurricane Protection: Is it worth it?

It is well known that Florida is a hot spot for hurricanes. The geographical location of Florida mixed with the behavior of hurricanes and water temperatures make for hurricane heaven. There are a lot of factors that play into Florida being the hurricane heaven. One is that hurricanes usually start off the coast of the […]

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Why you Shouldn’t Hire a Storm Chaser

When people hear the term storm chaser, they often think of people in an old van speeding in to the middle of a tornado with all sorts of funky equipment attached to their van. It is a little known fact that there is actually another type of storm chaser, and they are not as people […]

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Know Your Insurance Policy and What it Covers

Making sure that you are insured when hurricane season is around the corner can be really confusing. And considering that flood insurance has a thirty day waiting period before it is put into effect, waiting until there is a storm headed your way is not the best option. First and foremost, there is renters insurance […]

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Did You Know Your Catastrophe Adjuster May Have Zero Experience?

Dear friends, In the event of a major catastrophic event, like a hurricane, many insurance companies usually become quickly under staffed.  Most insurance companies maintain a small staff of in-house adjusters, so often times they outsource their claim handling to independent adjusting companies. These independent adjusting companies hire independent adjusters.  Insurance adjusters play the most important role […]

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Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Avoid Providing Fair Compensation to Policyholders

The insurance industry brings in tens of billions of dollars each year across the United States. Despite this, many policyholders in Florida and nationwide find that they don’t get the support or responsiveness they need when it comes time to file an insurance claim. The following are some of the common tactics insurance companies use […]

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