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Using Modern Technology to Investigate Claims

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters of Florida   When you have a Florida Homeowners Insurance Claim, the Insurance Company is going to send an Adjuster to investigate the claim on behalf of the insurance group.  The policy and laws state that the Insurance Carrier is responsible to fully investigate the claim.   Almost without fail, insurance companies […]

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Florida Insurance Claims Need Proper Investigation

A reasonable investigation of all conditions to find damage, is the obligation of the Insurance Company Adjuster.  Adjusters should never turn a blind eye, but all too often, this is exactly what Advocate Claims finds when taking on the task of being a Public Adjuster who represents the policy owner only.   As the home […]

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Florida Homeowner Insurance Claims Ruled by Fear

We find, so often, that insurance claims are ruled by fear. Insurance companies do subtle and overt things that make you feel that it is wrong or hard to file a claim.  Sometimes, this process feels like something you should pull back from, without good reason. Last week, we were called by a homeowner in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  The […]

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Why Won’t My Insurance Company Pay My Claim?

Why Won’t my Insurance Company Pay My Claim? A quick Google search shows that you are not alone in asking that question.  There are nearly 45 MILLION results discussing exactly that, and likely as many reasons why insurance companies think they do not have to pay your claim.  It can be easy to see why.  […]

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Water Damage in Stuart, FL: Virginia’s Story

Water damage is the second most common cause of homeowner loss, caused mainly by plumbing failures, freezing pipes, and storm damage.   Water-related loss is responsible for over $5 billion in annual homeowner property losses each year, approximately 23% of all homeowner property losses.  These figures are all too familiar for Virginia of Stewart Florida.  Hers […]

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Will My Rates Go Up if I File a Claim?

Will My Homeowners Insurance Rates go up if I File a Claim?   Many homeowners across Florida worry that simply filing a claim after years of having insurance coverage, will cause an increase in their Homeowners Insurance Premiums.  Regretfully, the fear is legitimate for Floridians.  Thankfully, there are ways to avoid problems and expensive increases […]

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Warning Insurance Company Engineers

Warning – Insurance Company Engineers are Not Your Friends.  Recently, insurance companies were ordered by federal judges in New York and New Jersey, to turn over multiple versions of engineering reports that were allegedly falsified and used to deny claims. This marks the first time a wide-spread action has happened legally, to trap the insurance companies in the bad faith efforts […]

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Water Damage in Pensacola, FL: Doug’s Story

We recently spoke with Doug about his experience working with Steven Venook and the team at Advocate Claims Public Adjusters. Doug had purchased a three story home near the beach. Though it was a relatively new home, one day the air-conditioning on the third floor leaked, causing water and mold damage to all three floors […]

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Mold & Water Damage in Florida

Mold & Water Damage Insurance Claims in Florida – Hire a Public Adjuster, Early!   Florida’s humidity and rain create the perfect Petri dish for the creation and growth of toxic and damaging mold, as well as general water damage. Florida insurance companies know this peril is more common than any other claim, and have […]

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Insurance Claims with Plumbers, Kickbacks and Restoration

Beware! Insurance Claims with Plumbers, Kickbacks, and Restoration Contractors Will Cost You!   Homeowner Insurance Claim Cautionary Report: A reason for a Public Adjuster   Diane and Mike arrived back at their Broward County home in Florida to find water pouring through 4 rooms of their home.  Mike acted quickly.  He went to turn off […]

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