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Legal Cost Impede Florida Citizens Property Insurance

If you live in Florida, you may be insured through Citizens Property Insurance, the largest provider in the state. Even if you don’t have homeowners’ insurance with Citizens, you’ve likely heard about the massive accumulation of legal fees the organization has sustained due to lawsuits filed for unpaid claims.   Citizens denies a lot of […]

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Why Choose Advocate Claims as Your South Florida Public Adjuster

I haven’t always been a South Florida public adjuster serving home and business owners. In fact, I started and spent much of my career as an independent adjuster, which allowed me to go out to properties, meet with the owners, assess the damage and reach an agreement. At the end of our interaction, the property […]

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Retired Boyton Beach Couple Finds Insurance Claim Relief with Florida Public Adjuster

Most people, upon discovering water damage in their home, immediately worry about how far the damage actually goes, especially if it has permeated into the walls and foundation. This is a valid concern, as water can do a great deal of damage to these hidden areas and impact the value of a home for the […]

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300,000 Broward Home Owners Frustrated During Insurance Claim Process

Damage to home or businesses due to storms, heavy winds, burst pipes, leaky roofs and vandalism are unfortunately common in Florida. Making matters worse, many property owners are finding that they’re not getting what they need out of the insurance claim process, which is becoming a growing concern across the state. As we’ve seen from […]

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Five Insurance Tips for Finding the Best Boca Raton Homeowners Policy

When searching for homeowners’ insurance, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should be looking for. Let’s face it — shopping for homeowners insurance is nobody’s favorite thing to do in the world. But taking a little extra time when weighing your decisions can result in significant savings down the line. Here are […]

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6 Steps to Take After a House Fire in Florida

After a house fire, there will likely be a number of things going through your mind — and all at once. It’s easy for people in this situation to become flustered and feel lost. However, despite the devastating nature of house fires, there are some steps you can take to help minimize the impact on […]

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Protecting Your Property from Vandalism in Florida

There are a number of ways your home could sustain damage, including a burst pipe, storm damage, a leaky roof and other problems caused by environmental hazards. However, another major concern for homeowners is vandalism in Florida, which makes up a significant percentage of insurance claims in our state. In most cases, vandalism occurs when […]

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Why the Florida Insurance Mediation Program Doesn’t Work

After a denied homeowners’ insurance claim, one of your options is to seek a resolution using the insurance mediation program set up by the Florida Department of Insurance. This program is intended to allow home and business owners to get together with their insurance providers to work out disputes, most of which are related to […]

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What to Know about the Valued Policy Law in Florida

When you’re home gets damaged as the result of a natural disaster, leaky roof, burst pipe, vandalism or more, it can be very stressful to make the necessary repairs to get your living spaces back in working order. This process becomes even worse if your home has been completely destroyed. There is a silver lining […]

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Identifying Common Forms of Storm Damage in Florida

Major storms are just a part of life here in Florida, and most homes and buildings in our state have experienced torrential rains and heavy winds at some point in their lives. So, needless to say that storm damage in Florida is something you come to expect as a homeowner.  If you’re a homeowner, it’s […]

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