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Can the Insurance Company Treat Me Differently if I Hire a Public Adjuster?

When the unfortunate time comes to file a residential or commercial property insurance claim, a lot of individuals wonder if hiring a professional to help streamline the process will actually hinder them in the eyes of their insurance company. Luckily, this is not typically the case. In fact, that great saying “the squeaky wheel gets […]

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How to Find the Right Public Adjuster for your Business

If your commercial property gets damaged or destroyed and you file an insurance claim, be prepared to spend a significant amount of time on the claim process. Being patient during the claim process pays you dividends in the long run. “Documenting a claim” consists of listing and describing everything that was damaged or lost, and […]

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Maintaining Business Operations While Filing a Property Insurance Claim

Public adjusters in Florida want to assist you in making sure that your business can return to normalcy as quickly as possible while filing a property insurance claim, which is why the experts at Advocate Claims Public Adjusters have some tips for maintaining business operations during the claim filing process. Make sure that you have […]

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Recovering from a Tornado: Post-Loss Checklist

Recovering from a tornado is not just about your home. Make sure that your family is safe and that no one has been hurt. When you find your way out of your home, make sure that there are no hazards outside that could harm you or your family, such as downed powerlines. In the event […]

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Sarasota Residents Prepare to file Tornado Insurance Claims after a Tragic Weekend

Sarasota public adjusters and residents were ill-prepared for the worst this weekend as an EF2 (Enhanced Fujita Scale) storm with winds reaching 132 mph tore through the county. With a stretch as wide as 350 yards, the massive tornado blasted through Siesta Key along the Gulf of Mexico, claiming two lives, injuring 10, and damaging […]

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Is Mold Covered Under My Insurance Policy?

Knowing what is covered under your homeowners insurance policy is crucial knowledge in the event of a disaster or damage. If your home falls victim to flooding, a water leak, or mold, knowing the source is extremely important for insurance purposes. When reviewing your insurance policy, you will want to double check the difference between […]

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Cape Coral Public Adjusters Assess Recent Tornado Damages

2016 is off to a dismal start on the west coast of Florida. Just one week into the New Year and Cape Coral and Fort Myers have seen the effects of tornado touchdowns coming in from the Gulf. The very first weekend of the New Year brought a tornado that caused multiple trees and power […]

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Fire Damage from Arson: Michael’s Story

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, arson is defined as “any willful or malicious burning or attempting to burn, with or without intent to defraud, a dwelling house, public building, motor vehicle or aircraft, personal property of another, etc.”  The FBI reports that over 50,000 arson incidents are reported each year in the United […]

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Selecting a Public Adjuster, Part 2

Outline the details of your policy and claim Is the level of your current insurance coverage appropriate for the property? Looking forward, are there any changes to the policy that need to be made? What are the details of my policy? How much coverage is allocated for each affected piece of my claim? What is […]

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Selecting a Public Adjuster, Part 1

Experience and results dealing with your loss type. Perhaps the most important key to evaluating a public adjuster is to evaluate the results they have produced in dealing with a loss like yours. How many years of experience? How many cases? What were the results of these cases? Ask for References “Trust, but verify.”  The […]

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