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Will My Rates Go Up if I File a Claim?

Will My Homeowners Insurance Rates go up if I File a Claim? Many homeowners across Florida worry that simply filing a claim after years of having insurance coverage, will cause an increase in their Homeowners Insurance Premiums.  Regretfully, the fear is legitimate for Floridians.  Thankfully, there are ways to avoid problems and expensive increases in […]

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Warning Insurance Company Engineers

Warning – Insurance Company Engineers are Not Your Friends.  Recently, insurance companies were ordered by federal judges in New York and New Jersey, to turn over multiple versions of engineering reports that were allegedly falsified and used to deny claims. This marks the first time a wide-spread action has happened legally, to trap the insurance companies in the bad faith efforts […]

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Water Damage in Pensacola, FL: Doug’s Story

We recently spoke with Doug about his experience working with Steven Venook and the team at Advocate Claims Public Adjusters. Doug had purchased a three story home near the beach. Though it was a relatively new home, one day the air-conditioning on the third floor leaked, causing water and mold damage to all three floors […]

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Insurance Claims with Plumbers, Kickbacks and Restoration

Beware! Insurance Claims with Plumbers, Kickbacks, and Restoration Contractors Will Cost You! Homeowner Insurance Claim Cautionary Report: A reason for a Public Adjuster Diane and Mike arrived back at their Broward County home in Florida to find water pouring through 4 rooms of their home.  Mike acted quickly.  He went to turn off the water […]

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Dryer Fires are Growing Risk in US Homes

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are approximately 15,500 fires, 10 deaths, and 10 injuries that can be attributed to dryer fires each year.  One out of 7,800 households will experience a fire caused from an improperly maintained dryer vent.  With nearly $100,000,000 in damage each year, dryer fires are a large […]

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Does I Make Sense to Hire a Public Adjuster

Why Hire a Public Adjuster? Homeowners hire public adjusters for many reasons.  Typically, the larger the loss, the greater the need for the advice of a skilled public adjuster.  It is important to retain someone with decades of experience acting as an adjuster for your particular type of loss.  This is not always the case, […]

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Result from Water Damage in Boynton Beach FL: Janet’s Story

Water damage affects thousands of homes, nationwide, each year.  Janet of Boynton Beach, Florida recently engaged Advocate Claims’ Public Adjusters for her water damage insurance claim. “Our jacuzzi tub had leaked which went unseen for a period of time.  With water and mold damage to the floor and subflooring, the master bathroom, master closet and […]

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Beware of Contractors Acting Like Adjusters in Florida

When you need to file a homeowners insurance claim, some natural and legitimate worries come about. Will the insurance company pay enough to fix the damage?  Will I hire the right contractor? Should I hire a professional Public Adjuster?  Should I just let my contractor handle the insurance claim process while I keep my head […]

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Why You Should Hire a Public Adjuster before Settling

BEFORE YOU SETTLE YOUR HOMEOWNER INSURANCE CLAIM – Should you Hire a Public Adjuster? The average home or business owner will file 4 insurance claims in a lifetime.  At Advocate Claims, we do 4 before lunch and more after.  We lost count a long time ago on the total number of claims that we have […]

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Be Proactive and Hire a Public Adjuster

Filing an insurance claim may be more like catching a kick-off in a football game than you could imagine. You have damage that should be covered by your insurance carrier, you call your carrier to report the problem, and the ball is up… up… and away.  You’ve got to catch it, and run it back, hoping […]

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