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Recovering from a Flood: Post-Loss Checklist

Flood damage is one of Florida’s top reported homeowner’s insurance claims, and is one that hit homes hard just last year in September 2015, when major flooding affected nearly all Delray Beach residents. When a tragedy like this occurs, it leaves many homeowners wondering what they should do in order to get their homes in […]

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Selecting a Public Adjuster, Part 2

Outline the details of your policy and claim Is the level of your current insurance coverage appropriate for the property? Looking forward, are there any changes to the policy that need to be made? What are the details of my policy? How much coverage is allocated for each affected piece of my claim? What is […]

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Selecting a Public Adjuster, Part 1

Experience and results dealing with your loss type. Perhaps the most important key to evaluating a public adjuster is to evaluate the results they have produced in dealing with a loss like yours. How many years of experience? How many cases? What were the results of these cases? Ask for References “Trust, but verify.”  The […]

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Warning Insurance Company Engineers

Warning – Insurance Company Engineers are Not Your Friends.  Recently, insurance companies were ordered by federal judges in New York and New Jersey, to turn over multiple versions of engineering reports that were allegedly falsified and used to deny claims. This marks the first time a wide-spread action has happened legally, to trap the insurance companies in the bad faith efforts […]

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Beware of Contractors Acting Like Adjusters in Florida

When you need to file a homeowners insurance claim, some natural and legitimate worries come about. Will the insurance company pay enough to fix the damage?  Will I hire the right contractor? Should I hire a professional Public Adjuster?  Should I just let my contractor handle the insurance claim process while I keep my head […]

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Your Florida Insurance Company is Not on Your Side

When you buy homeowner’s insurance in Florida, you assume that the insurance company is on your side. You are paying the premium so that, should you need to make a claim, you and your personal property and building damages are covered. Right? Sadly, while that makes logical sense, it is usually not true. In the […]

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Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Avoid Providing Fair Compensation to Policyholders

The insurance industry brings in tens of billions of dollars each year across the United States. Despite this, many policyholders in Florida and nationwide find that they don’t get the support or responsiveness they need when it comes time to file an insurance claim. The following are some of the common tactics insurance companies use […]

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Gambling with Your Parkland Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

As a homeowner you likely trust that your Parkland homeowners’ insurance policy was fully explained to you, that it hasn’t changed over time and that it offers adequate coverage in case of a disaster. However, studies show that most policyholders don’t periodically review their policies, and in fact may not even be sure of their actual […]

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Advocate Claims gets Lake Worth Insurance Claim a Higher Settlement

Wendy M. was dealing with extensive water damage in her condominium’s kitchen due to a roof leak.  Like many people in this situation, she first tried to handle the insurance claim herself, working with her insurer, United Property & Casualty Insurance Company. This proved to be a fruitless effort, as the offer from the insurance […]

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Legal Cost Impede Florida Citizens Property Insurance

If you live in Florida, you may be insured through Citizens Property Insurance, the largest provider in the state. Even if you don’t have homeowners’ insurance with Citizens, you’ve likely heard about the massive accumulation of legal fees the organization has sustained due to lawsuits filed for unpaid claims. Citizens denies a lot of claims […]

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