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Citizens Property Insurance Pays Attorneys Not Policyholders

This year, Floridians have been blessed with a hurricane-free season. However, many policyholders with Citizens Property Insurance are finding that the state’s largest insurance provider is less than willing to provide compensation for water damage caused by factors other than flooding, including burst pipes. Because of this, there has been a surge in lawsuits against […]

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Florida Residents: Insurance Appraisal May Be the Answer for Unfair Insurance Offers!

If you are involved in an insurance dispute, it may seem like you have no other option but to settle for the small payout that the insurance company offers. When the amount that is offered doesn’t pay for the repairs to your home or business, it is simply unfair. After all, you had paid your […]

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Retired Central Florida Vet Endures Three Year Fight Against St. Johns Insurance Company

What you would think would be a simple water damage insurance claim took three years to get properly settled. This semi retired couple had water damage from a broken pipe to their home. They promptly reported their insurance claim to St Johns Insurance Company. Then their problems started. St Johns sent out an independent adjuster who had a know it all attitude, but little experience in handling insurance claims. They offered a very low amount of thirteen thousand dollars to repair the damaged laundry room, kitchen, hall bathroom, living room, den, master bathroom, and master bedroom.

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Hurricane Isaac Insurance Claim Reporting Phone Numbers

Policy holders have the right to contact a Public Adjuster to help them that the onset of the insurance claim. Out of town residence and absentee owners with damaged Florida properties can get local guidance by using a licensed public adjuster. The first instinct may be to drive or fly down to Florida to look […]

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Insurance Policy Holder Wins By Hiring A Public Adjuster in Weston, Florida

Case Study: Weston Florida Property Insurance Policyholder Makes Successful Homeowner Water Damage Insurance Claim Here is a case of a Weston, Florida homeowner who finally understood the complexity of trying to handle making a property insurance claim on his own. He had attempted to handle his own claims in the past and he wasn’t happy […]

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Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Appears to Rubber Stamp Virtually Any Rate Hike Requested by Property Insurance Companies

Despite the supposed 10% annual caps on rate increases that are supposed to be in place for Florida property insurance companies, company after company gets away with increasing their rates by bedding down with Governor Rick Scott and the heavily Republican State Legislature. As reported on June 27, 2012 by regular insurance writer, Julie Patel […]

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Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Goes to War Against Its Policyholders

Since the last serious hurricane seasons of the mid-2000s, Citizens Insurance Corporation has spent $2.7 billion in legal fees in litigation against its own policyholders. Furthermore the Florida Legislature has given Citizen’s a free pass to abuse its customers. Citizens was granted immunity from the bad faith laws, which are supposed to protect the consumer […]

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Filing a Florida Insurance Claim with USAA Casualty Insurance Company – Florida Public Adjuster

Beat the Insurance Companies at Their Game – Hire a Public Adjuster Do you have a property loss claim to file with USAA Casualty Insurance Company?  Unlike another USAA company, United Services Automobile Association, which is much larger, USAA Casualty services only 1.1% of the Florida property insurance policies held by 64,314 policyholders, and is […]

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Filing a Florida Insurance Claim with Southern Oak Insurance Company – Florida Public Adjuster

Beat This Mediocre Company at its Own Game – Hire a Public Adjuster Southern Oak Insurance Company is based in Florida and provides a very folksy Web site that claims to provide exceptional service, but the company actually received worse than mediocre ratings in the Sun Sentinel’s article comparing Florida insurance companies. Southern Oak received […]

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Filing a Florida Insurance Claim with Olympus Insurance Company – Florida Public Adjuster

Dread Dealing with your Insurance Company? Hire a Public Adjuster Policyholders are often horrified to learn that Olympus Insurance Company was given mediocre grades across the board by the Sun Sentinel in an article that rated Florida property insurance companies. In fact, Olympus received three Cs and a D in various categories, including the numbers […]

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