Common Sense Tips for 2013 Hurricane Season

 Forecasts Predict 2013 Hurricanes to be Worse Than Expected! The forecasts are predicting more than our fair share of hurricane and storms in 2013. As many as 18 tropical storms are predicted, with 9 scheduled to become hurricanes! With recent disasters in New Jersey, New York, Georgia and Florida, Now is the time to prepare […]

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10 Myths About Insurance Companies and Insurance Claims

The Truth About Who to Trust When You Need to File a Claim! Watch This Video! 1. Believing that the insurance company is your friend. The insurance companies spend multi-millions of dollars to convince the policy holders that they are on their side, and that they are in good hands, however, can anyone truly be […]

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Flood Insurance Adjusters Enjoying Their “Government Authority” Too Much    Some of the FEMA flood adjusters working with Hurricane Sandy relief are experienced, but in times of crisis, when many hands are needed, you will find that most of them only took a short three-day course to learn how to handle claims. The certification program […]

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How to Make the Best of a Super Storm Sandy Insurance Claim

Mistakes to Avoid When Filing an Insurance Claim for Hurricane Sandy Any homeowner who was affected by Hurricane Sandy, will tell you that they wish they had video footage to prove what they had, and what it looked like, before the hurricane hit their home. It’s impossible to remember everything, and especially small details, when […]

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Get Insurance Claim Help – Licensed New Jersey Public Adjuster

Unhappy with your Hurricane Sandy Insurance Settlement? If your insurance company made you an offer that you are not satisfied, and you wish to avoid the long delay of going to court, hire a public adjuster with 15 years experience handling hurricane damage claims.  We have hundreds of satisfied customers. See our testimonials for both […]

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New Jersey Public Adjuster is On Your Side!

A public adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who can be directly hired by policy holders to help them through the process of filing an insurance claim. One of the main reasons that many people hire a public adjuster of their own is because of the simple fact that the public adjuster is working for […]

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Jersey Shore Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim

What is the fastest way to handle flood claims? Call a Public Adjuster! Have you have recently endured the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, and then went through the process of filing an insurance flood claim, only to have your claim under-paid? Maybe your insurance offer was just too low to be realistic? You knew that the […]

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Who is Your Hurricane Sandy Insurance Adjuster?

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters

Who do they REALLY work for? Did you know that your flood policy states that “The insurance adjuster whom we hire to investigate your claim may furnish you with a proof of loss form, and she or he may help you complete it. However, this is a matter of courtesy only, and you must still […]

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Hurricane Victims: Read This Before You Settle Your Insurance Claim!

What a Public Insurance Adjuster Can Do For You When a disaster occurs at your home or business, where do you begin as you sort through the mess and decide what to do next? When acts of nature greatly affect your homestead or business, how should you proceed? After a natural disaster occurs, such as […]

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New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim Headaches?

Take two aspirin & call me in the morning!              Having your life disrupted by Hurricane Sandy damages to your home or business is bad enough, but now you have to endure the lengthy and stressful ordeal of getting properly reimbursed by your insurance company.  Company insurance adjusters and independent adjusters, have probably experienced a natural […]

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