Hurricane Sandy Victims: Don’t Settle On the First Offer!

Hire a Professional Haggler to Help You Settle Your Claim  Ask yourself this question: Do you think that you always get the best price on everything on the         first try?  Of course not!  Insurance companies won’t typically give you their best offer at their initial presentation, either. A Good negotiator will hold out to see […]

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Was Your Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim Too Low?

Are You Really Sunk from Hurricane Sandy? You still have time to fix the damage from Hurricane Sandy to your home and your life, if you act fast! If you’re unhappy with your insurance claim offer, please know that you still have options under your flood and home owner’s insurance policy! You have options that […]

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Filing Home Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Public Adjuster Steven Venook was interviewed by about filing a home insurance claim for storm damage. Here is an excerpt from the Article: Superstorm Sandy Offers Lessons on Storm-Related Home Insurance Claims After surviving a violent storm like Superstorm Sandy, the owners of damaged homes had little time […]

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Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim Tips

It pays to be prepared for a hurricane, even it only passes us by in South Florida. Large storm systems can dump huge quantities of water on to surrounding areas testing and finding any weakness in your roof and property. Be a smart policy holder! Take photographs of your home, condominium, building, business and all […]

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Hurricane Isaac Insurance Claim Reporting Phone Numbers

Policy holders have the right to contact a Public Adjuster to help them that the onset of the insurance claim. Out of town residence and absentee owners with damaged Florida properties can get local guidance by using a licensed public adjuster. The first instinct may be to drive or fly down to Florida to look […]

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Hurricane Isaac Insurance Claims Preparation Checklist

With Hurricane Isaac potentially on our doorstep, now is the time to get ready in case your home is damaged from the storm. Even if Hurricane Isaac passes over the Keys severe weather can still effect parts of Miami and Broward County and across to Naples and Fort Myers. So take 5 minutes to review […]

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Will the Growing Abuse by Florida Property Insurance Companies Ever End? Apparently, It’s in the Hands of the Voters

The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel’s regular insurance reporter, Julie Patel wrote this week (June 28, 2012) that Florida-based home insurers reported a net income (that’s after they deducted their expenses) of nearly $78.7 million in the first quarter of 2012. This was reported by Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, who should not be able to […]

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Florida Supreme Court Ruling is a Major Win for Property Insurance Consumers

Lobbyists for the Florida property insurance industry are continually trying to curtail access to public industry adjusters for policyholders by convincing lawmakers to pass all sorts of restrictive laws. In a long-standing case that had reached the Florida Supreme Court, policyholders finally won the right to be solicited within the first 48 house after a […]

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Tropical Storm Debbie: Residents may not Recover the Full Value of their Insured Items without the Proper Proof

We have all seen TV video of the horrible flooding and water damage caused this week throughout the Gulf Coast’s northern counties and panhandle of Florida. While the wind was never quite bad enough to become a major factor in the damage, four days on end of torrential rain resulted in unprecedented flooding and loss […]

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Homeowners Battle Insurance Companies Over Loss Claims

After the devastation of the California wildfires last October and record damage from hurricane Katrina, you’d think the homeowners insurance industry would be struggling. But you’d be wrong. Read More  

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