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Hurricane Matthew: Water Damage vs. Flood Damage

As Hurricane Matthew made his way up the coast, he brought heavy rain’s and storm surge to the Daytona Beach, Saint Augustine and Jacksonville areas of Florida. When powerful winds knock down a tree that tears a hole in your roof, and water pours into your home, you have suffered water damage. When heavy rains […]

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Filing a Hurricane Insurance Claim after Damage to a Warehouse

Whether you own a warehouse or warehouse storage facility, if it gets damaged from a hurricane you will need to file a commercial insurance claim for your property damages, business interruptions, financial losses, and anything else that your licensed public adjuster suggests you include in your hurricane insurance claim. Advocate Claims Public Adjusters in Boynton […]

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Do I Have to Use Insurance Company Contractors?

When filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, your insurance company or agency may recommend preferred vendors that they have done business with in the past. Most homeowners are curious as to whether or not they have to use their insurance company’s contractors – the simple answer is no. The very first thing to keep in mind […]

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Cape Coral Residents Worry About Insurance Claims after Tornadoes

Since this month brought the west coast of Florida a series of unfortunate events with multiple tornadoes, some of the damage has left homeowners worried about filing insurance claims. According to Naples Daily News, 44-year-old resident, Nora Rosa, said that she is concerned about how much the insurance companies will pay her to fix the […]

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Selecting a Public Adjuster, Part 2

Outline the details of your policy and claim Is the level of your current insurance coverage appropriate for the property? Looking forward, are there any changes to the policy that need to be made? What are the details of my policy? How much coverage is allocated for each affected piece of my claim? What is […]

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Using Modern Technology to Investigate Claims

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters of Florida When you have a Florida Homeowners Insurance Claim, the Insurance Company is going to send an Adjuster to investigate the claim on behalf of the insurance group.  The policy and laws state that the Insurance Carrier is responsible to fully investigate the claim.   Almost without fail, insurance companies in […]

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Florida Homeowner Insurance Claims Ruled by Fear

We find, so often, that insurance claims are ruled by fear. Insurance companies do subtle and overt things that make you feel that it is wrong or hard to file a claim.  Sometimes, this process feels like something you should pull back from, without good reason. Last week, we were called by a homeowner in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  The […]

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4 Ways to Reduce Frustration Should You Suffer a Homeowners Insurance Loss

When homeowners experience a fire, a flood or some other major property loss, they’re often in shock. Once the shock wears off, goal 1 is to dispatch of the loss and return to life as before as soon as possible. They’re not thinking about details or the process behind the process. People don’t realize how […]

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3 Maintenance Areas Homeowners Should Check to Avoid Property Damage Insurance Claims

It’s important to periodically check systems and parts of your house where failure can cause damage to your home and personal property.  3 areas we suggest you check for routine maintenance include: Roof/gutters – Check your roof for leaves, tree branches, twigs, wild animal waste and other debris that might get stuck in the roof […]

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