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Does ‘Florida Hurricane Insurance’ Actually Exist?

Although there is not a set type of Florida hurricane insurance that can be bought, there are still ways to protect your home from hurricane damage. After devastating storms like Andrew, Katrina, and Sandy, homeowner’s insurance policies have started introducing a hurricane deductible. Unlike other insurance policies, hurricane deductibles usually are assessed in percentages, and […]

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Gambling with Your Parkland Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

As a homeowner you likely trust that your Parkland homeowners’ insurance policy was fully explained to you, that it hasn’t changed over time and that it offers adequate coverage in case of a disaster. However, studies show that most policyholders don’t periodically review their policies, and in fact may not even be sure of their actual […]

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Hurricane Preparation: Has Your Bonyton Beach Condo Association Prepared for Hurricane Season?

When a hurricane, storm or another type of disaster strikes a condominium association’s property and other large commercial structures, condo associations and property managers often assume that their insurance companies will move quickly to cover the cost of repairs for their commercial property damage. That’s not always the case, however, and many condominium properties find […]

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Broward Public Adjuster Help Miramar Woman with Insurance Claim

Sandra K. of Miramar, Florida, woke up one morning to find her feet squishing in water when she walked on her laminate wood floors. She quickly called a plumber, who determined that her water heater had burst. Sandra was not sure if she should put an insurance claim on her record, so she called Advocate […]

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Better Processing for Insurance Claims in Delray Beach to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Anyone who has had to file a homeowners’ insurance claims in Delray Beach, Florida knows exactly how difficult and frustrating the process can be. All too often, it can be a struggle just to get in contact with the adjuster in charge of your claim. Now, in light of massive reports of customer dissatisfaction industry-wide, […]

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Palm Beach Public Adjusters Advocate for You — Not Insurance Companies

Many years ago, I worked for insurance companies. I started my career as an independent adjuster for a major independent adjusting firm, and was paid to go out to inspect property damage and quickly reach an agreement with policyholders. Because policyholders received quick and fair insurance settlements, this worked quite well, until some shifts in […]

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Leaks and Sewer Line Insurance Claims in Lighthouse Point, FL

A plumber is the right professional to call in the event of a plumbing leak or sewer backup in Lighthouse Point, FL. However, you should never expect your plumber to handle your insurance claim for you. In fact, having a plumber work on anything other than the immediate repairs — the ones that are required […]

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300,000 Broward Home Owners Frustrated During Insurance Claim Process

Damage to home or businesses due to storms, heavy winds, burst pipes, leaky roofs and vandalism are unfortunately common in Florida. Making matters worse, many property owners are finding that they’re not getting what they need out of the insurance claim process, which is becoming a growing concern across the state. As we’ve seen from […]

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When Should You Hire a Public Adjuster?

When damage occurs to your property, such as your home, building, or business, it can be a little overwhelming — and you may feel like the situation has gotten out of hand. Further complicating the situation is the fact that you may not get the timely response you need and deserve from your Florida insurance […]

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