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3 Maintenance Areas Homeowners Should Check to Avoid Property Damage Insurance Claims

It’s important to periodically check systems and parts of your house where failure can cause damage to your home and personal property.  3 areas we suggest you check for routine maintenance include: Roof/gutters – Check your roof for leaves, tree branches, twigs, wild animal waste and other debris that might get stuck in the roof […]

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8 Facts People Don’t Know about Homeowner’s Insurance

Most insurance companies are easy to deal with when you are paying them, before you actually need them. Homeowner’s Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with when filing a claim. While homeowners assume their policy covers losses to their home, as well as injuries or property damage sustained on their property, typical homeowner’s insurance […]

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Summer’s here! Get Your South Florida Home Insulated

When you’re from the north, you insulate your house to keep the cold out during the winter. But when you’re from the south it is the exact opposite, you get your South Florida home insulated to keep the cold in during the summer. Having a home that is poorly insulated can lead to sky high […]

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Questions To Ask Your Public Adjuster during Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts at the same time every year, with some years going by without a storm, and others with storms like Sandy and Katrina. You can never tell what a hurricane season is going to bring, and that can create some tension. Paying high premiums for the possibility of there being a storm can […]

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41% of Homeowners Had Insurance Claim Disputes

Tips for Getting Your Insurance Claim Paid  When purchasing a home, or purchasing insurance you worry with the “important things” like your mortgage company or broker and the APR for your financing. Often times you overlook your homeowners’ insurance and choose the preferred company recommended by your lender. The problem with this is when your […]

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Three Ways to Get Your South Florida Home Ready for Hurricane Season

As a homeowner you know the drill to get ready for hurricane season in Florida: fill the gas tanks, stock up on batteries, flashlights and water, board/shutter the windows. Most South Florida homeowners’ are very familiar with Hurricane Season and the preparation that is involved with the storm. But here are three tips that can help […]

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The Truth about Florida Hurricane Season Myths

There’s little doubt that hurricanes are extremely dangerous for Florida home and business owners, but what many people fail to understand is that just a little bit of misinformation can make these storms even more dangerous. With Florida hurricane season quickly approaching, being able to sort out fact from fiction can mean the difference between […]

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Five Insurance Tips for Finding the Best Boca Raton Homeowners Policy

When searching for homeowners’ insurance, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should be looking for. Let’s face it — shopping for homeowners insurance is nobody’s favorite thing to do in the world. But taking a little extra time when weighing your decisions can result in significant savings down the line. Here are […]

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What to Know about the Valued Policy Law in Florida

When you’re home gets damaged as the result of a natural disaster, leaky roof, burst pipe, vandalism or more, it can be very stressful to make the necessary repairs to get your living spaces back in working order. This process becomes even worse if your home has been completely destroyed. There is a silver lining […]

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Filing Lightning Damage Claims in Florida

Of all the natural disasters South Florida residents need to worry about, lightning may not be at the top of the list. You might wonder if it’s something you should really consider when choosing a homeowners’ insurance policy. The answer is yes. Lightning strikes can cause substantial damage alone, but are also likely to cause […]

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