The Unlicensed Practice of Public Adjusting by Contractors

Has your home or commercial property suffered damages, leaving you needing to file an insurance claim? If anyone has told you to hire a contractor to handle the process for you – they are 100% wrong. A contractor cannot handle your insurance claim, nor can they help you settle it. The only people who can […]

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Hurricanes Early in the Year are Warnings for Stronger Florida Storms Coming

The very first week of 2016 brought tornados to North Florida, and even though that is not an ideal way to start the New Year, it is not nearly as shocking as having to deal with a January hurricane. According to Katharine Hayhoe, director of the Texas Tech University Climate Science Center, a January hurricane […]

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Floridians Are You Prepared for a Hurricane Insurance Claim?

Luckily, Florida has dodged the bullet again, as it has yet to face a hurricane since Wilma struck the state in 2005. Instead of developing into a hurricane like the National Hurricane Center had expected, Tropical Storm Erika remained as such and then dissipated before it could climb the coast toward Florida. It is never […]

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Top Causes of Home Fires

The National Fire Protection Agency estimates that U.S. fire departments respond to over 370,000 home fires each year.  These fires cause over 2,500 civilian deaths, over 13,000 injuries, and over $7 billion in property damage, each year.   According to the NFPA, “Cooking equipment is the leading cause of home structure fires and non-fatal home […]

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Flood Damage vs. Water Damage: Do you know the difference?

While all homeowners have homeowner’s insurance, many don’t understand their homeowner’s insurance coverage. Homeowners need to know there are two types of insurance that deal with water damage – flood insurance and homeowner’s insurance. Losses not covered by one may be covered by the other; double check with your public adjuster for clarification. When choosing […]

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Theft in Florida Homes: How to deal with a Theft Insurance Claim

Theft is something that nobody ever wants to think about, but not thinking about it could lead to a lot of damage being done. Luckily, insurance companies realize that theft in Florida homes happens and have taken action accordingly. There is a catch. If your home is broken into, or your keys are stolen, they […]

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How to get your Florida Insurance to pay your Claim

Trying to get your insurance to pay for damage to your home is much harder than you might think. Insurance companies try to squirm their way out of paying anything they can by preying on the policyholder’s ignorance to the insurance world and legal jargon. Which isn’t fair to the people that use their insurance […]

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