Prevent Home Vandalism in Pembroke Pines this Halloween

Public Adjuster Tips to Protect Your Property. Testimonial from a neighbor in Pembroke Pines “Steven was very professional and thorough. He knew down to the paper clip what things cost, and was well versed in the entire insurance claim process. More importantly, it was obvious in the correspondence between Steven and my insurance company, that […]

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Protect Your Florida Home From Vandalism on Halloween

Halloween is typically a fun night for people of all ages, but this one night can cost you hundreds if your home is vandalized. Statistics have shown that crime on Halloween has increased from 22% to 44% since the 2000s. Halloween is the one holiday of the year where ‘tricks’ or pranks can turn into […]

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Protect your Florida Home from a Vandalism Insurance Claim

Vandalism to both private and public property is a problem whose annual cost across the United States well exceeds $25 billion. Most vandals are young people who with no connection to the property they’re vandalizing. When comparing insurance policies and coverage, vandalism coverage is often overlooked. Ask your public insurance adjuster what the vandalism portion […]

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Protecting Your Property from Vandalism in Florida

There are a number of ways your home could sustain damage, including a burst pipe, storm damage, a leaky roof and other problems caused by environmental hazards. However, another major concern for homeowners is vandalism in Florida, which makes up a significant percentage of insurance claims in our state. In most cases, vandalism occurs when […]

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Filing a Vandalism Claim for Your Property in Florida

If you live in South Florida, you may be concerned with your home’s ability to sustain damage if a natural disaster hits or you experience a burst pipe or leaky roof. However, there is one more troublesome issue you should consider that is fairly common in our region — vandalism. Vandalism may include broken glass, […]

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Tips for Handling a Vandalism Insurance Claim in Miami

The Most Common Types of Vandalism No one wants to wake up to a vandalized home or return from vacation to find broken glass, graffiti other damage to your property. It leaves you both frustrated and vulnerable, and your mood likely won’t improve when you try to file an insurance claim for vandalism. You may […]

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