What Causes Water Damage Insurance Claims?

Did you know that the majority of insurance claims come from water damage? Water damage can be a costly repair for homeowners, so knowing the prime sources of water damage in a home is the key to taking measures in order to prevent having to file a water damage insurance claim. Advocate Claims Public Adjusters […]

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Bathroom Leak in Palm Beach: David’s Story

David experienced a bathroom leak from his family’s second floor bathroom.  The leak resulted in damage to the bathroom, upstairs carpeting, and the downstairs living room ceiling and walls.   David’s insurance company was quick to offer his family $4,749.00 for a total settlement.  After the deductible and depreciation was applied, David was left with a […]

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Water Damage in Stuart, FL: Virginia’s Story

Water damage is the second most common cause of homeowner loss, caused mainly by plumbing failures, freezing pipes, and storm damage.   Water-related loss is responsible for over $5 billion in annual homeowner property losses each year, approximately 23% of all homeowner property losses.  These figures are all too familiar for Virginia of Stewart Florida.  Hers […]

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Result from Water Damage in Boynton Beach FL: Janet’s Story

Water damage affects thousands of homes, nationwide, each year.  Janet of Boynton Beach, Florida recently engaged Advocate Claims’ Public Adjusters for her water damage insurance claim. “Our jacuzzi tub had leaked which went unseen for a period of time.  With water and mold damage to the floor and subflooring, the master bathroom, master closet and […]

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Flood Damage vs. Water Damage: Do you know the difference?

While all homeowners have homeowner’s insurance, many don’t understand their homeowner’s insurance coverage. Homeowners need to know there are two types of insurance that deal with water damage – flood insurance and homeowner’s insurance. Losses not covered by one may be covered by the other; double check with your public adjuster for clarification. When choosing […]

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Water Damage – Covered by Insurance?

Before purchasing Homeowner’s Insurance, it’s important to be an informed and well-read consumer as certain types of damage, such as water damage from storm flooding, are not typically not covered by standard homeowner’s insurance. It is also equally as important for homeowners whom have just suffered any form of property damage to review their policy, […]

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Signs of Mold in a Weston Home

Mold is not something that people ever want in their home. It may cause allergic reactions, respiratory issues, along with the large amounts of damage that go hand in hand with mold. Mold thrives in dark, moist environments which means that oftentimes you can’t see it. If you have had any type of moisture issues […]

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Swimming Pool Preparations for Hurricane Season in Florida

In South Florida hurricane season is just like all of the other seasons: winter, spring, summer, hurricane, and fall. It is something that residents have to accept as a fact of life, seeing as Florida gets hit with so many hurricanes. The natives of Florida know the drill when it comes time to get everything […]

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Common A/C Mishaps that Can Lead to Water Damage Claim

One thing that many people do not realize is that maintaining an air conditioning unit is a lot of work. The good news is that with regular upkeep and good overall maintenance, you can save yourself a lot of future headaches. The biggest mishap that can lead to water damage can be prevented much easier […]

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Cast Iron Pipes on Older Coral Springs Home May Cause Water Damage

Before the introduction of PVC piping in the 1970s, cast iron pipes were the standard for home plumbing and sewage removal. While this may seem like a long time ago, many houses throughout Florida and across the United States still have the original cast iron plumbing in them. This has become a growing concern among […]

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