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Hurricane Matthew: Water Damage vs. Flood Damage

As Hurricane Matthew made his way up the coast, he brought heavy rain’s and storm surge to the Daytona Beach, Saint Augustine and Jacksonville areas of Florida. When powerful winds knock down a tree that tears a hole in your roof, and water pours into your home, you have suffered water damage. When heavy rains […]

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Replacement Cost: 4 Tips for Determining Adequate Insurance Coverage

Adequate coverage and knowledge of what your possessions and your home are worth is essential. If you are the victim of a severe storm, a fire, a robbery or another incident that leads to the loss of your property, you need to make sure that you have enough coverage to make sure that you are made […]

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Citizens Property Insurance Pays Attorneys Not Policyholders

This year, Floridians have been blessed with a hurricane-free season. However, many policyholders with Citizens Property Insurance are finding that the state’s largest insurance provider is less than willing to provide compensation for water damage caused by factors other than flooding, including burst pipes. Because of this, there has been a surge in lawsuits against […]

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What Can Florida Policyholders Learn from Hurricane Sandy Victims Not Satisfied with Insurance Claims?

Most people expect that when a natural disaster hits their home or property, their insurance company will be right there to get you the compensation you need to make repairs. However, that’s not always the case. In many situations, especially after a big storm that damages thousands of homes, insurance companies are reluctant to pay […]

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Tips for Handling a Vandalism Insurance Claim in Miami

The Most Common Types of Vandalism No one wants to wake up to a vandalized home or return from vacation to find broken glass, graffiti other damage to your property. It leaves you both frustrated and vulnerable, and your mood likely won’t improve when you try to file an insurance claim for vandalism. You may […]

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Insurance Tips on What is Bad Advice From the Insurance Industry

You probably would not be reading this blog if you or someone you know did not have an insurance claim issue. After all, insurance is boring and you can find better things to do with your time.  When a disaster occurs, like a hurricane, tornado, hail storm, or flood, the newspapers are full of bad […]

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What To Do When Your Insurance Company Uses Their Own Contractors to Inspect Damages to Your Home

Stop Them in Their Tracks and Hire a Public Adjuster When your home incurs damages – by a catastrophic natural weather event, a plumbing leak, or fire – whatever it may be, your insurance company can send whomever they wish to inspect your home. They can send a plumber roofer, contractor or engineer to inspect […]

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News Flash: Insurance Agents Don’t Get Paid to Handle Claims – They Only Get Paid to Sell You Policies

Think about this: Have you ever received a call from your property or auto insurance agent to ask about how your insurance claim is proceeding after your reported a claim? Your answer is guaranteed to be a resounding “No!” Do you know why this is the case? Insurance agents aren’t paid to help you with […]

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Advocate Claims Public Adjusters In The News Discussing The Vanishing Act

There’s a disturbing nationwide trend of insurance companies chipping away at coverage for homeowners, says Amy Bach, executive director of the nonprofit United Policyholders consumer group. She says she’s disturbed by what she sees as policies becoming less adequate. “We have been working on a number of fronts to try to reverse this tide, while […]

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