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Chinese Drywall: Builders, Subs Face Huge Uninsured Losses

General liability carriers specializing in contractor insurance for builders and drywall subcontractors (subs) are “sweating it out” over the potentially massive claims dollars that could be paid out in litigation, settlement, and adverse jury verdicts arising from Chinese drywall. However, due to the impact of little known policy exclusions and evolving case law in many […]

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Your dog’s bite could bankrupt you

If your pet attacks someone, you could owe tens of thousands of dollars — or more — and your insurer might not pay up. You could even land in jail. The Santa Rosa, Calif., case was horrifying: A 90-pound American bulldog attacked a woman walking her own dog to a school bus stop to meet […]

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Five Gaps In The BOP!

Businessowners Policies, traditionally referred to simply as “BOPs,” were introduced in 1976 and significantly revised in 1987. The BOP evolved gradually from the 1987 revisions to include risk classification and sizes not contemplated in the original or “first revision” editions of the form. Additionally, many insurance carriers have built upon the Insurance Services Office’s (ISO’s) […]

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Claim Dispute Resolution

If a claim dispute arises, you should always file a complaint with your state insurance regulatory agency. Don’t go into great detail – just give them the very basic issues in dispute. To find your state regulator online go to www.naic.org. The agency may not get you the help you need, but it’s still important […]

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Additonal Insureds Coverage: Look for Holes in That Blanket

Is your insurance companies perferred contractor vendor named as an addtional insured? It is wise to get a copy of your insurance companies insurance policy beffore hiring one of their preferred vendors to do your repairs. Any contractor who has been in business for a while is familiar with additional insured coverage. This coverage insures […]

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Managing the Risks of a Household Move

Every year, millions of people move – from one apartment to another, from an apartment to a home, or from one home to another. Moving is a stressful process, filled with dozens of logistical details and concerns. One set of concerns that many people never consider is whether and how their insurance will apply to […]

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