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Do You Need a High-Value Homeowner’s Policy?

Standard homeowner’s insurance policies offer sound financial protection for most people. However, those who own large homes that would cost upwards of $500,000 to rebuild may have special coverage needs for which the standard policies were not designed. Such homeowners may own expensive jewelry or have costly business equipment at home, or they may be…

Managing the Risks of a Household Move

Every year, millions of people move – from one apartment to another, from an apartment to a home, or from one home to another. Moving is a stressful process, filled with dozens of logistical details and concerns. One set of concerns that many people never consider is whether and how their insurance will apply to…

Valuing Condo Association’s And Unit Owner’s Property: Condos Part II

Statutes and even associational declarations differ on the valuation method used when placing insurance coverage on the association’s property. Actual cash value (ACV), replacement cost (RC) and even market value are options mandated by statute and associational covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R’s). Most states apply actual cash value as recommended by the Uniform Common Interest…

Should you hire your own claims adjuster?

Angry that your insurance company isn’t moving as fast with that claim check as you’d like? Or maybe the adjuster’s offer is less than you need to cover your losses? Perhaps you need your own adjuster. Public adjusters assume all of the duties necessary to have your claim processed, including making an inventory of the…

Consumers Want Allstate Records Kept Public

Consumer advocates are asking a New Orleans federal court to keep public key documents from a Hurricane Katrina-related lawsuit against Allstate Insurance Company. The groups want to ensure that Allstate cannot seal court records that reveal the claims practices and policies it used to leave homeowners empty-handed after Hurricane Katrina. Representing Foundation for Taxpayer and…

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