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Hurricane Nicole

Hurricane Claims Specialist

Advocate Claims expertise and primary goal is to assist you in recovering from property damages caused by Hurricane Nicole all across Florida's Treasure Coast. We make sure that the monetary settlement you receive from your insurance provider covers the cost of your property damage. This covers house, building, and personal property damages as well as additional living costs, lost revenue from the business, and code upgrades.

Following a major storm insurance providers are overwhelmed with claims. In our experience, of over 20 years of working Hurricane Insurance Claims in Florida and out of state, we have found the process to be extremely frustrating for policy holders often resulting in low ball offers from their insurance provider that no way cover the costs of damages.  In addition, for most homeowners, it might be the first time they are making a claim on their insurance, and are not aware of the procedures and help that is available to get a better settlement.

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We recognize that when a hurricane damages your home or commercial property, preparing your insurance claim and conducting building damage inspections requires a tailored approach.

Hurricane Nicole Insurance Claims - Important Tips

  • Only perform temporary repairs to stop further damage i.e. Tarp roof, dry-out water
  • If you report the claim to your insurance company. Get claim number for your records.
  • Do not throw damaged items away, keep all evidence to prove your claim.
  • Do not rely on company adjuster to photograph and itemize all damages.
  • Do not expect your claim to be settled quickly!
  • Do not believe anything unless you get it in writing!
  • Remember the company adjusters work for the insurance company not you.
  • Florida Insurance Companies have 90 days to pay or deny your insurance claim.  Accepting the initial settlement offer, or cashing the insurance settlement check, does not stop you from supplementing your insurance claim. HOWEVER, supplemental damages must be agreed upon prior to any repairs being done.
  • Call Advocate Claims from the start - you'll be glad you did.

Advocate Claims - Hurricane Claims Adjuster

Trying to navigate a hurricane insurance claim is challenging process. As a public insurance adjuster, it is our responsibility to take a stand for you and to make sure you receive a just settlement. We will:

  • Keep you in compliance with your insurance contract, and make sure you fulfill all the post-loss requirements stated in your insurance policy.
  • Properly document and itemize all your damages
  • Handle all the paperwork
  • Properly communicate with your insurance carrier on your behalf (saving you stress)
  • Negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement that you approve

Get an experienced public insurance adjuster with 25 years of hurricane insurance claim experience on your side, contact Steven David Venook, Florida Public Adjuster (License #A273134) at Advocate Claims Public Insurance Adjusters for a free initial consultation. Call 561-962-0065 or email

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