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Hire Advocate Claims Public Adjusters to Reopen an Insurance Claim

Important: Reopening your Insurance Claim is your legal right for up to five years!

Don't let your insurance company intimidate you when you have good reason to think they "low balled" your settlement or left certain damages out. We can't say enough that the insurance adjuster that your insurance company sent out works for them, not you!

Call us to discuss your water damage, fire or smoke claim, hurricane claim, tornado claim, lightening claim, burglary claim, business interruption claim, condominium claim, vandalism claim, and other property damage claims. Helping you to navigate these claims is what we do best!

If you are unhappy with the settlement check and you decide to reopen the claim, your insurance company will want you to go to Florida State Sponsored Mediation. However, for most people, Mediation may not be a good idea simply because Mediation is non-binding and, typically, the consumer has no representation. This can place the consumer in the same sort of jeopardy as going to trial without an attorney. Your better alternative is Appraisal, which is binding. Click on these links to get a true picture of the differences between Mediation and Appraisal.

Clearly, if you believe you have a substantial claim to reopen, Appraisal is the door to open and to do this, and you need to hire an expert in claims evaluation. Advocate Claims Public Adjusters is that expert. We are a professional advocate with the knowledge and experience from many years of working with insurance companies. We understand the language in insurance policies. We are experts in estimating construction and building repair damages related to hurricanes, fires, and other covered insurance perils.


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