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Advocate Claims Public Adjusters is very experienced in handling the type of large loss insurance claims that face a condominium or homeowner association.

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We work closely with boards of directors that represent the interests of the policyholders who live in a condominium or single home community. The governing bodies that represent these condominium associations and homeowner associations typically consist of non-paid volunteers who work for the good of their community.

Teams of Catastrophic adjusters are sent by your insurance carrier to inspect losses. These independent adjusters come and disappear quickly, passing off your claim to the next adjuster in line. These adjusters are often overwhelmed by the volume of claims they need to handle. Abandoning your claim in the process.

When disaster occurs, it is overwhelming for everyone. Documenting the damages to hundreds of units, multiple buildings, all the while maintaining the continuity of the insurance claim for years can be challenging and difficult.

Hiring Advocate Claims Public Adjusters empowers your condo association and homeowner association to move through the process in a thorough and methodical way. We are there from the beginning of your claim until the end. Hiring us could make the difference between redundant inspections, missed damages, asking for large assessments from each unit owner or a successful claim outcome.


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