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Do You Need Help With A Vandalism Insurance Claim?

Vandalism claims are some of the most traumatic losses to a home owner or business owner, due to the personal property items that are stolen or ruined, and the property damage that is done to a home or business. We know that vandalism will take a toll on you, your family, and your peace of mind.

Advocate Claims wants to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible! We work for you, and represent you to your insurance company!

In a vandalism case, we approach each case with care and caution. When dealing with vandalism, theft, or the damages left behind, Advocate Claims will itemize everything for your insurance claim so that your home or business can be put back in order as quickly as possible!

Our Experience Matters! Let Advocate Claims Public Adjusters Help You!

We understand the legalities of insurance policies and their confusing terminology. Advocate Claims will use our expertise in the insurance industry to help you settle your claim quickly! Our knowledge and experience in vandalism claims will result in a higher payment to you!

Call us today for assistance with a vandalism claim! Advocate Claims can handle residential or commercial claims, and give you better results with higher payouts!

What To Do If Your Home Has Been Vandalized:

It is extremely important to take the correct steps, if your home or business has been vandalized. You will need the help of professional insurance adjuster that has handled these type of claims before, to be sure that you can get all of your items replaced, and get your life back in order as soon as possible.

Call the Police and File a Report

The owner of the items that were stolen needs to be able to prove ownership of all missing items. The stolen personal items must be on the police report. If you notice something else missing that was not mentioned on the report, you must create an addendum to add the items and turn it in. Do not throw anything away!

Accurate Documentation and Details Will Make a Difference!

You will need to provide details of the missing items, so that they can be notated on the report. This will also become part of the appraisal procedure by the insurance company, to begin research on the value of replacement costs.

It's A FACT: Insurance Companies Don’t Want to Pay You!

As a victim of vandalism, you will need to call on a public adjuster who has your best interest in mind. Oftentimes, people begin to itemize their missing valuables, and begin to notice that the insurance company is being very careless about their claim, and not offering much assistance or help.

Even after you do all the work and fill out all of the forms, you will often notice that the insurance company won’t want to pay you full value to replace the things that you lost! The insurance company will begin to place “partial value” or “less then market value” on each item that you want replaced, not matching the full replacement price you paid. Not to mention how and why they apply depreciation to your loss.

The Advocate Claims Solution!

Through our years of experience, we know that vandalism claims are very upsetting to a home owner or business owner. Oftentimes, as victims begin to itemize their missing valuables, they begin to feel that the insurance company is being careless about their claim.

Advocate Claims understands that each of your valuables had meaning to you, and we want to make sure that you get everything replaced at the highest value! Call us today if you need to begin working on a vandalism or theft claim!

Advocate Claims Public adjuster Works For You, NOT the Insurance Company!

Call 954-978-0886 for real representation for your claim!


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