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People with health issues, especially the elderly and young children, can be affected by poor indoor air quality caused by mold. Sick homes and sick buildings require special insurance claim handling.

Not all mold issues are covered by Florida insurance policies and not all insurance companies conduct a very thorough mold investigation. If you think you have a mold issue in your home, condominium or building, you cannot allow this to happen!

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters understand insurance coverages for mold damages, and how insurance companies often ignore what you are entitled to as a result of mold in your property.

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters are property damage insurance claim experts. We know how to properly prepare your mold damage insurance claim, and have the right indoor air mold experts to help support your claim and conduct the proper mold remediation.

If you think your home, condominium, or building, has mold, our knowledge and mold insurance claim experience often results in helping you get fully compensated from your insurance company.


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STACHYBOTRYS mold shown here is a result of excessive moisture from water damage. It is toxic and can spread from walls, causing damage from one room to another.

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