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New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim Headaches?

Take two aspirin & call me in the morning!             

Having your life disrupted by Hurricane Sandy damages to your home or business is bad enough, but now you have to endure the lengthy and stressful ordeal of getting properly reimbursed by your insurance company. 

Company insurance adjusters and independent adjusters, have probably experienced a natural disaster already. But this is probably new to you! Maybe you had a small insurance claim in the past. Either way, it is difficult to know where to begin.

Just like you, they may be overwhelmed by the complexity of the claim process. The adjusters may also be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of Hurricane Sandy! The adjusters will be over-worked from all of the Jersey shore claims and the New York insurance claims they must process. 

As an adjuster makes his way out to the areas of Mammoth County, Ocean City, Hoboken, and more Jersey Shore areas, they will be trying to take time for each case. These adjusters want to do a good job for the insurance companies that employ them. By recommending the proper insurance payment to you, while also protecting the insurance company, they need to avoid any over-payment. During a major event like Hurricane Sandy, this is hard to do. 

A typical work day for an insurance adjuster, after a natural disaster like a hurricane, is to inspect six to ten damaged properties a day. Their paycheck is based on how many claims they can inspect and write up!

A key question to all insurance adjusters:

How good is their work after twelve or fourteen hours in 1 day?

Public Adjusters do not work on the same volume. Instead of spending just ten to thirty minutes inspecting each property, we have the time to thoroughly inspect your damages and answer your questions. We don’t work for the insurance companies, we work for you! When we help you get more money from your claim, it helps us in return.

By hiring a public insurance adjuster, you are gaining the advantage of having someone with experience on your side. You should evaluate the public insurance adjuster’s track record and experience in handling hurricane and flood claims, before you agree to let them help you with your claim.

Alleviate the stress of Hurricane Sandy, and don’t go through this alone. Advocate Claims Public Adjusters has handled hundreds of hurricane claims, and we can help you too!

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