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Be Proactive! Document your Valuables Now! Before it is Too Late!

Easily catalog your possessions using your iPhone, iPad or computer!

How will you prove what valuables (Electronics, Jewelry, Apparel, Furniture, Home Goods, Tools, Appliances, Sporting goods, Videos, CD’s etc) you own? Optimize your chances of getting a fair insurance claim settlement before your property suffers any kind of catastrophic loss, including hurricane, fire, flood, tornado, or theft etc.

Don't throw away thousands of dollars! You'll need to get serious about documenting your losses before they happen! How can you get this done more easily? Please read on. You'll be glad you did.

Before you get paid by your insurance company, you'll need the appropriate proof of ownership and records that fully document your losses!

Advocate Claims + Vaultbox

Take advantage of Advocate Claims Public Adjusters' special offer. Through an exclusive partnership arrangement with VaultBox, you can now easily catalog all necessary information about your belongings. Use the VaultBox Cloud Inventory Service to catalog your possessions using your iPhone, iPad or computer.

This will allow you to protect and store your inventory records in their virtual VaultBox. Guarantee your peace of mind in the event of a major catastrophe that puts the burden of proof about the contents of your home or business squarely on your shoulders!

Why do so many (as many as 80%) people fail to gather documents and records on their own? Because it is not easy to do. But VaultBox makes it simple. With VaultBox, you can store the make, model, photos, receipts and serial number of all your possessions in three easy steps:

1-Scan 2- Snap 3-Save.

How VaultBox Works

VaultBox allows you to store detailed records of personal items on its cloud-based inventory solution. When disaster strikes, you'll have all the necessary information ready to make a speedy, seamless insurance claim or police report. VaultBox protects your valuable information even if you computer or mobile device is lost, stolen or destroyed.


When you purchase many things for your home, they often come with a UPC Barcode. With the VaultBox iPhone and iPad app you can point your camera at that Barcode and it will recognize the item you just purchased and automatically fill out such things as Make, Model and Price. This prevents you from having to type any of this information.


Using your iPhone and iPad camera you can take pictures of your items, such as front, back, and even the receipt to show date of purchase. Note: We also recommend that you take a picture with the item and yourself. This is often required by insurance companies when filing a claim. 


Then just click "save" and your item is safely stored on the VaultBox cloud. It's that easy. Of course, this is the process to utilize when you buy something new and want to add it to your inventory.

Naturally, you will also need to document those items that you already own by photographing the receipts, the warranty information that you have, the serial number, and so on. Once this project is done, it is easy to keep it up. As you replace items, discarding the old ones, it is easy to add the new items to your inventory.

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