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Cape Coral Residents Worry About Insurance Claims after Tornadoes

Since this month brought the west coast of Florida a series of unfortunate events with multiple tornadoes, some of the damage has left homeowners worried about filing insurance claims.

According to Naples Daily News, 44-year-old resident, Nora Rosa, said that she is concerned about how much the insurance companies will pay her to fix the damages, and if her rates will increase because she filed a claim. Rosa’s home suffers damages from a large banyan tree that fell on top of the roof during the early January tornadoes, which she expects will cost her roughly $100,000 in damages.

So far, the homes that have been assessed have on average $2,000 in damages. Since the figures are less than most homeowner’s insurance deductibles, the amount of damage suffered is larger than what they are likely to receive back – leaving many homeowners questioning whether they should even take the risk of filing and having their rates increase.

The public adjusters at Advocate Claims work for the homeowner, not the insurance agency. Advocate Claims Public Adjusters in Cape Coral suggest that in this case, homeowners should contact a local public adjuster before ever calling their insurance agency. A simple call to your insurance agency may cause your rates to increase. By calling a public adjuster to assess tornado damages, you can receive an accurate assessment and know that someone is working to get you the highest amount possible from your insurance claim.

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