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Tropical Storm Roof

Florida Tropical Storm Insurance Claim Warning!

Your roof leaking and causing your ceiling or walls to get wet does not mean that your insurance company will pay your claim. Most Florida Insurance policies have a wind driven rain language. This language states that unless there is physical damage to your roof that creates an opening. Your claim will be denied for…

Broward County Roof Insurance Claim Denied

Broward County, Florida: Has Your Hurricane Irma Roof Insurance Claim Been Denied?

Do you want to get the money you deserve? Attention Broward County home and business owners: have you suffered roof damage from Hurricane Irma? Has your insurance company low balled or denied your claim? If so, our Hurricane Insurance Public Adjuster, may be able to help. Homeowners and business owners pay insurance premiums for decades,…

HURRICANE IKE: State looking into roof damage policy

State regulators are investigating how the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association handles certain roof claims related to Hurricane Ike. At issue is whether unsealed asphalt shingles are considered damaged, and if so, whether Ike was the cause. The windstorm association doesn’t always think so. But some homeowners say they have valid claims because Hurricane Ike lifted…