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Lightning Insurance Claims

Lightning Fatalities and Lightning Protection for your Home

Central Florida has been dubbed “Lightning Alley” by meteorologists because it generates hundreds of thousands of bolts that cause billions in damages each year. In fact, Florida is the leading state in the entire country for lightning related deaths, causing nearly all residents in areas like Tampa and Titusville to implement lighting protection tactics. Lightning…

Lightning Insurance Claims

Lightning Safety Awareness Week

June kicks off summer and lightning season. Lightning Safety Week, June 22-28, is designed to help us understand lightning and danger it possesses. Although summer is the preferred season for lightning, lightning occurs all year long and is accountable for over 50 deaths and hundreds of injuries per year. As one of the deadliest and…

Filing Lightning Damage Claims in Florida

Of all the natural disasters South Florida residents need to worry about, lightning may not be at the top of the list. You might wonder if it’s something you should really consider when choosing a homeowners’ insurance policy. The answer is yes. Lightning strikes can cause substantial damage alone, but are also likely to cause…