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Lightning Fatalities and Lightning Protection for your Home

Central Florida has been dubbed “Lightning Alley” by meteorologists because it generates hundreds of thousands of bolts that cause billions in damages each year. In fact, Florida is the leading state in the entire country for lightning related deaths, causing nearly all residents in areas like Tampa and Titusville to implement lighting protection tactics. Lightning also attests for over $700 million in homeowner’s insurance losses each year, with Florida having the largest number of claims.

John Jensenius of the National Weather Service in Washington, D.C. has been tallying lightning death stats for over a decade and explained that, “Florida has more lightning per square mile than any other state in the country. Because thunderstorms are a part of everyday life in Central Florida, people take that danger for granted.”

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters are licensed public adjusters in South Florida. Our team of experts want all Florida homeowners to know that lightning and fire damage is covered in your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. In the event that your area is having a thunderstorm and you see lightning close by, stop any outdoor leisurely activities and keep yourself and your family safe from lighting. Then, follow these lightning protection tips for your home:

  • Systems like HLP Systems of Libertyville can equip your home with building protection. The systems will not prevent a lightning strike, but will implement techniques to prevent damage from lightning.
  • Lightning protection should start from the roof. Licensed workers will install rods that force the charge of a lightning bolt down to the ground, instead of into the home.
  • Public Adjusters in South Florida strongly recommend surge protectors to protect your electronics.
  • Lightning protection tactics can cost you anywhere from $1,800 to $2,200 for a small home and $8,000 for a large home.

In the event that your home is struck by lightning and you have not taken the necessary lightning protection measures, contact Steven Venook at Advocate Claims for a No Recovery – No Fee, No Obligation Consultation that serves you as the homeowner, not the insurance company. Our South Florida public adjusters can review your homeowner’s insurance policy and help you settle your residential property insurance claim for lightning damage. Call our main office today, at 954-369-0573.