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Tropical Storm Roof

Florida Tropical Storm Insurance Claim Warning!

Your roof leaking and causing your ceiling or walls to get wet does not mean that your insurance company will pay your claim. Most Florida Insurance policies have a wind driven rain language. This language states that unless there is physical damage to your roof that creates an opening. Your claim will be denied for coverage and payment.

Think hard before you put in a claim for your roof. If the insurance company knows you have a roof problem. The insurance company will ask you to replace your roof. After your claim is not covered. Then no other insurance company will give you coverage too. Until after you pay out of pocket to replace your roof.

If a roofer knocks on your door. Then tells you they can act as an insurance adjuster and get you a new roof. The roofer is committing a felony and you should report them to the Florida Department of Insurance.

If a roofer offers to pay or not charge you the insurance claim deducible. The roofer is committing a felony and you should report them too. There are no free lunches.

Most tropical storms often don’t produce winds more than fifty miles per hour. For a roof to get physically damaged from wind it usually requires prolonged winds more than fifty to sixty miles per hour at a minimum. So, unless you get hit with tornado like winds to your home. Putting in a roof claim may not be very wise.

If the roof blew off your home and your home has suffered extensive damages. I would be happy to offer you a free consultation.

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