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Hurricane Preparation: Has Your Bonyton Beach Condo Association Prepared for Hurricane Season?

When a hurricane, storm or another type of disaster strikes a condominium association’s property and other large commercial structures, condo associations and property managers often assume that their insurance companies will move quickly to cover the cost of repairs for their commercial property damage. That’s not always the case, however, and many condominium properties find that their claims are denied or significantly reduced due to insurance providers asserting that preexisting issues or poor maintenance contributed to the damage.

Thus, it’s important for condominium boards and managers to be prepared not only for hurricanes and natural disasters themselves, but also for the possibility that they will one day need to file an insurance claim in Florida. Fortunately, Advocate Claims Public Adjusters is now partnering with the iPrep Network, a company that works to proactively prepare condo associations and commercial properties for future insured losses.

iPrep gives condominium properties the tools and resources necessary to ensure they are doing everything they need to meet their insurance companies’ requirements, lessening the chances that they’ll have to deal with denied claims in the event of significant damage occurring. Its team comprehensively examines and documents the condition of a condo property, while helping managers and boards ensure they have the type and level of coverage they need and that they maintain association minutes and other key documents in a safe and accessible place.

Hurricane Preparation leads to successful claims

To make sure your condo association is fully prepared for a disaster and the insurance claims process afterward, iPrep helps with the following:

  • Annual pre-loss inspections, examining roofs, exteriors and the overall condition of the property. iPrep looks for any issues that could negatively impact your ability to collect from the insurer.
  • Property maintenance, using licensed contractors to make any necessary repairs to the roof, exterior and other areas.
  • Insurance policy review, looking at policy limits, exclusions, inclusions, property valuations and co-insurance responsibilities.
  • Documentation, including related to the property’s condition, maintenance records and the collection of weather data. iPrep also assists with secure offsite document storage.

Advocate Claims is thrilled to partner with the iPrep Network to help condominium associations and property managers properly prepare for both natural disasters and the insurance claims process that comes afterward.

The public adjusters at Advocate Claims serve homeowners, property managers and condominium associations across Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and the surrounding communities. To learn more, call us at 954-978-0886 or contact us online today.