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Insurance Policy Holder Wins By Hiring A Public Adjuster in Weston, Florida

Case Study: Weston Florida Property Insurance Policyholder Makes Successful Homeowner Water Damage Insurance Claim

Here is a case of a Weston, Florida homeowner who finally understood the complexity of trying to handle making a property insurance claim on his own. He had attempted to handle his own claims in the past and he wasn’t happy with his prior claim experiences. He learned through bitter personal experiences that the outcomes were never what he’d hoped they would be. What’s more, he didn’t want to go through the enormous hassle by handling the new claim without the help of a public adjuster.

The homeowner had a leak under the concrete slab of his luxury home in Weston, an affluent suburban bedroom community west of Fort Lauderdale. Expert leak detection was required to locate the source of the problem. This situation not only involved hiring a leak detection company, but also an experienced licensed plumber to trace the water damage that his property incurred.

Naturally, the insurance company wanted to hire their own plumber too. Their plumber and the insurance company adjuster offered only one kind of repair and of course, the cheapest option, instead of three options that were actually available to the homeowner. This is common industry practice among insurance companies. They only offer the cheapest option, meanwhile withholding all the facts that you should be entitled to know.

Of course, the independent adjuster working for the insurance company made no mention to the homeowner of all three of his options. This is because the independent adjuster was working for the insurance company and not for the policyholder.

Another common practice by insurance companies is not to give you a copy of their experts’ reports, while stating that the report is “protected information.” This means that, as an insurance policyholder, you are deliberately kept in the dark about the details about your own property. As a professional public insurance adjuster, Steven Venook never relies on insurance company’s supposed experts to decide the outcome of his customers’ claims, nor should you.

Universal Property & Casualty grudgingly paid that Weston homeowner only $17,000 for his original claim, which was far less than the true damages incurred. With Advocate Claims Public Adjusters’ proper documentation of the insurance claim, plus their negotiation skills, Steven Venook secured that client a settlement of $55,000.

Property insurance consumers would be wise to understand that insurance company adjusters love it when you negotiate your own claims. The insurance company adjusters have to handle claims every day as part of their work. The consumer isn’t a practiced adjuster or negotiator in his own behalf of complex insurance claims.

Do the smart thing next time you have an insurance claim: Contact Steven Venook, a professional and experienced public insurance adjuster who will work for you to secure a proper settlement.

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