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Be Proactive and Hire a Public Adjuster

Filing an insurance claim may be more like catching a kick-off in a football game than you could imagine. You have damage that should be covered by your insurance carrier, you call your carrier to report the problem, and the ball is up… up… and away.  You’ve got to catch it, and run it back, hoping that you have the support and skills necessary to do so without injury.  In the case of your insurance claim, the damage will be monetary, but the end-zone may be a long and tedious road.

At Advocate Claims, as your Florida Public Adjuster, we think a good defense starts with a good offense.  We know that as your Public Adjuster, we change the odds in the claim process and help protect you from financial loss.

When your home or business receives damage that needs to be covered by a home or business insurance policy, the first steps in this process can be the course corrections that maximize the claim.

Not all Public Adjusters have the years of experience like Advocate Claims’ Public Adjusters. See our numerous testimonials (add link)

Your Best Defense – Advocate Claims Public Adjusters of Florida

Prior Experience – Advocate Claims Public Adjuster knows the inside trade secrets. As a former insurance company insider with many years working as a claim adjuster, we know their tricks and what they don’t want you to know! 

Special Tools:

Advocate Claims possesses the software tools necessary to document and communicate the claim details to the insurance company.  These tools alone cost thousands of dollars and require seasoned professionals with special training, to write up each part of the insurance claim.

Expert Advice:

Advocate Claims is an expert in Florida Insurance Claims.  The average homeowner and business owner will have 4 claims in a lifetime.  Advocate Claims, as your Public Adjuster, has handled thousands of Florida homeowner and business owner insurance claims.  The insurance company has their own expert advocate, so you should have your own professional advocate for protecting your interests too.  It is not merely leveling the field, but giving you an advantage in the claim process through Advocate Claims.

Avoiding Delays:

Needless and costly delays are avoided as we work as your Public Adjuster.  There are rules about the handling of your home or business owner claim that the carrier will ignore if not for our actions and notice as your Public Adjuster.

Getting More Money Awarded for your Insurance Claim:

A recent OPAGGA (Office of Program and Policy Analysis & Government Accountability) study in the State of Florida showed that public adjusters negotiate up to a 747% larger insurance company settlement for commercial business and homeowner insurance property loss claims, than the insurance company was planning to pay out.

Recent Success:

Advocate Claims recently handled a fire homeowner insurance claim in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  We were called in on the first day of the claim, which means Advocate Claims could use a full complement of tools and techniques to hurry the claim process along. We assessed the claim at $376,254 and informed the carrier to allocate another $41,000 for possible local code ordinance compliance that may be demanded or needed, as per the law.

The insurance company had estimated the costs to repair the fire damage to the home at $266,481.  After a meeting, and documentation of costs, we settled the base claim in 21 Days for $374,877. During this time, we helped to get approvals for temporary repairs, demolition, and water damage treatment to the home.  We were also able to get an advance for the homeowner to move the construction forward within 11 days of the fire.

Not all Florida Homeowner Insurance Claims that are handled by Advocate Claims get settled so quickly, but most every claim is settled substantially faster when we act as your public adjuster.

A good defense starts with a good offense – be proactive and hire Advocate Claims as your Florida Public Adjuster.