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Protect Your Florida Home From Vandalism on Halloween

Halloween is typically a fun night for people of all ages, but this one night can cost you hundreds if your home is vandalized. Statistics have shown that crime on Halloween has increased from 22% to 44% since the 2000s. Halloween is the one holiday of the year where ‘tricks’ or pranks can turn into actual crimes.

With vandalism and destructive behavior on the rise, here are 4 ways to protect your home this Halloween from a vandalism insurance claim:

  1. Light Up. Ensure that lighting is bright and all bulbs are working. Illuminate your home or building to avoid egging, toilet paper attacks, and other forms of vandalism. Lights tend to keep criminals away, so keep them on and bright.
  2. Use security as a deterrent. Sit on your front porch, teenagers are likely to avoid your home if they see you sitting out front of your home. If you are worried about a commercial building, have additional janitors or security rotating for extra protection.
  3. Lock everything. Double check all gates, garages, cars, and external doors around the property to prevent unauthorized entrance to your building. Remember to lock up any equipment, tools, bicycles, etc. that could be an easy target for vandals to steal.
  4. Report crimes immediately. If you see someone committing an act of vandalism, report it to the police. This can help from the individual or group committing additional damage to other properties throughout the night.

Other safety concerns to be aware of are to make sure your children are walking in groups or have a chaperon to supervise them. Children between the ages of 5 to 14 are four times more likely to be killed walking on Halloween night than an average evening (statistic according to the Center for Disease Control).

Also talk to your teenagers about the repercussions of vandalism on Halloween. Vandalism can escalate quickly from toilet paper attacks and broken windows to graffiti and arson. All of these acts can lead to criminal charges that your child’s vandalism may order you as the “parental liability” to pay the fines for. It is important that your teenagers know these ‘pranks’ are crimes and they will be punished by the police if they are caught.

Advocate Claims wants your home and family to be protected this Halloween from an unexpected act of vandalism. If your home suffers from any acts of vandalism this Halloween, our public adjusters can help represent you. Advocate Claims has been helping homeowners maximize their vandalism insurance claims for over 10 years. For more tips on keeping your home safe from vandalism, hurricanes, and water damage, keep up with the Advocate Claims blog. If you home has recently suffered damages from wind, fire, water, or vandalism contact Advocate Claims Public Adjusters at 954-369-0573.