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Reopen your Denied Fire Insurance Claim

If you have recently has a denied fire insurance claim, Advocate Claims can help! Our licensed Florida public adjusters are extensively educated in insurance and are insurance claim experts. Our public insurance adjusters can assist you in getting your claim filed and handled correctly and professionally so you can get reimbursed for your damages. We can also work with you to maximize your insurance claim settlement.

Our public adjusters have been reopening denied fire insurance claims for over 10 years! Advocate Claims will review your insurance policy and coverage in order to provide you a broad scope of your insurance company’s responsibilities. Our professional Florida public adjusters can:

  • Document the property and content damage from the fire
  • Reopen denied fire insurance claims and ensure proper reimbursement
  • Negotiate and settle your fire claim for necessary repairs and/or replacement
  • Provide estimates for cost for repair and/or replacement.

Our experienced public adjusters can minimize your stress by assisting you with the insurance claim process. Insurance companies have a team of professional insurance adjusters representing them in the claims process; you deserve the same. Call 954-369-0573 today to speak with an insurance claim expert about reopening your denied insurance claim. You are entitled to proper reimbursement for your damage. Advocate Claims can help!