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Swimming Pool Preparations for Hurricane Season in Florida

In South Florida hurricane season is just like all of the other seasons: winter, spring, summer, hurricane, and fall. It is something that residents have to accept as a fact of life, seeing as Florida gets hit with so many hurricanes. The natives of Florida know the drill when it comes time to get everything ready for a storm, but there are some things that might get overlooked if you haven’t been doing this your whole life. When it comes to your personal or your building’s pool here are a few things that you can do to make sure you are protected when a hurricane is headed your way.

First off, having adequate insurance is a must. Not investing in the right insurance can mean a lot of trouble later on down the road, and it isn’t worth it. Making the right investment before a storm comes is the best thing that you can do. As a homeowner or a condo building owner, you need to protect your investments, contact your Florida Public Adjuster before hurricane season to review your insurance coverage. After that is squared away, here are 3 tips that you can do to minimize the damage done to your pool and patio area.

  1. Don’t drain the pool. A lot of homeowners and condominium associations believe that draining their pool is the best way to combat damage during a storm, but that is the opposite of the truth. The water in the pool acts as a buffer between the storm and the foundation of the pool, and if the water is drained the pressure changes could cause the foundation to shift, leading to a lot of damage. If anything, drain a foot or two, but no more than that.
  2. Take all of the movable pieces out of your pool and store them inside. Leaving things that can get caught in the wind outside leads to more debris flying around. Also, cutting all power to your pool equipment is a good idea. Leaving it on can result in damage to your pool pump and motor, which can be quite expensive to fix.
  3. One easy way to protect your outdoor furniture, if it can handle it, is to throw it in the pool before the storm. This keeps it out of harm’s way, and it doesn’t take up any space in your home or lobby. This is a common practice for most South Floridians that have experienced hurricane season.

Preparation is the best thing you can do as a home or building owner in Florida. Hurricane season is an inevitable part of the ‘Salt Life’ here in South Florida. If your have recently undergone hurricane damages and need help filing a hurricane damage insurance claims, Advocate Claims Public Adjusters are here to help! Our professional public adjusters have been helping residential and business owners for over 10 years! Call Advocate Claims today at 954-369-0573 or contact us online to learn more about home, business, and pool preparations for hurricane season in Florida.  

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