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Will the Growing Abuse by Florida Property Insurance Companies Ever End? Apparently, It’s in the Hands of the Voters

The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel’s regular insurance reporter, Julie Patel wrote this week (June 28, 2012) that Florida-based home insurers reported a net income (that’s after they deducted their expenses) of nearly $78.7 million in the first quarter of 2012. This was reported by Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, who should not be able to…

Florida Supreme Court Ruling is a Major Win for Property Insurance Consumers

Lobbyists for the Florida property insurance industry are continually trying to curtail access to public industry adjusters for policyholders by convincing lawmakers to pass all sorts of restrictive laws. In a long-standing case that had reached the Florida Supreme Court, policyholders finally won the right to be solicited within the first 48 house after a…

Florida insurance industry contributions and legislation that would benefit insurers

Dear Florida Insurance Consumers, When your insurance rates go higher, the customer service gets worse, and your fair claim treatment is non existent.  Please remember your Florida legislatures that supported the insurance lobby over you. This chart outlines the status and descriptions of key property insurance legislation so far, including which bills would benefit insurers.…

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