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Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Goes to War Against Its Policyholders

Since the last serious hurricane seasons of the mid-2000s, Citizens Insurance Corporation has spent $2.7 billion in legal fees in litigation against its own policyholders. Furthermore the Florida Legislature has given Citizen’s a free pass to abuse its customers. Citizens was granted immunity from the bad faith laws, which are supposed to protect the consumer…

Public Insurance Adjusters help Policyholders Win Claims

Many homeowners don’t fully understand their property insurance policies and are at a disadvantage when negotiating with their insurers about repairs needed after a fire, theft, hurricane or other disaster. Public insurance adjusters assess damages, determine what the policy covers, document evidence to support claims and assess what repairs will cost. In Florida, they can…

The Growing Trend and Problem of Contractors Adjusting Claims for Policyholders : Property Insurance Coverage Law Blog

The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Annual Convention starts today. I have been asked to speak to their Board of Directors this afternoon regarding their concerns about restoration companies and repair contractors acting as policyholder representatives in the negotiation and settlement of insurance claims. It is a growing trend and one which generally is…

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