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Three Ways to Get Your South Florida Home Ready for Hurricane Season

As a homeowner you know the drill to get ready for hurricane season in Florida: fill the gas tanks, stock up on batteries, flashlights and water, board/shutter the windows. Most South Florida homeowners’ are very familiar with Hurricane Season and the preparation that is involved with the storm. But here are three tips that can help protect your home from potential hurricane damages:

  1. Check Your Roof.  Most homeowner’s insurance claims filed in Florida after a hurricane is regarding roof damage. Check your roof before a storms to see if there are any signs of pre-existing damage. Any vulnerabilities in your roof could lead to an expensive invoice once the hurricane comes. The cost of roof repairs found early are much less than a major roof repair or replacement, and can prevent the need for interior reconstruction.
  2. Check Your Exterior. Although roof damage is common during hurricane, wind-driven rain is a major source of household storm damages. It is important to check the exterior of your home for possible points of entry during heavy rain; stucco cracks and poorly installed windows are common areas that could result in water damage. Ensure that all windows have tight perimeters and seal/caulk all cracks. When you combined strong winds with heavy rainfall in a short amount of time, things could go wrong. Check your homeowner’s insurance for Flood coverage. Most hurricane insurance policies do not have flood coverage, check with your insurance and consider adding it to your policy (it is usually $500-$1000 a year, and worth every penny should you ever need to file a flood insurance claim).
  3. Check Your Trees. Your landscaping could be dangerous with a hurricane on its way. Even if you believe your trees are small, precautionary tree trimming is recommended; thin branches, remove dead limbs, remove coconuts! Thinning a tree is important because it allows the wind to blow through the tree rather than blowing it over and onto your roof or home.
  4. Take an Inventory. This step is the most over looked tip that people take. Before a storm hits, take pictures of the inside of your home and all expensive items you possess: TVs, computers, paintings, furniture, etc. By taking these dated photos you will be able to show the insurance company that these items were in your home during the storm and suffered damages. When filing a hurricane insurance claim in Florida most insurance companies will want you to prove the item is worth this much and was actually in the home during the storm. These dated, pre-storm photos will help you during your claim. We promise!

Taking the right precautionary steps to avoid hurricane damage is important, but that doesn’t mean you are completely protected. That is why it is important to review your insurance coverage and ensure that you are properly covered for when a storm comes. Get ready for hurricane season and if you need help filing an insurance claim, public adjusters can help negotiate the process to help you receive the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.

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