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Why Do I need a Public Adjuster?

By Steven David Venook

What if I am insured by any of the following insurance companies?

  • Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company
  • Allstate Floridian Insurance
  • Atlantic Preferred Insurance
  • Bankers Insurance Company
  • Capitol Preferred Insurance
  • Citizens Property and Casualty
  • CGU Insurance Company
  • Chubb Insurance Company
  • Clarendon (Tower Hill) Insurance
  • CNA Insurance Company
  • Cypress Property & Casualty
  • Electric Insurance Company
  • Empire Fire and Marine Insurance
  • Encompass Insurance Company
  • Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company
  • First Floridian Insurance Company
  • Florida Preferred Insurance
  • Florida Family Insurance
  • Florida Select Insurance Company
  • Hartford Insurance Company
  • Lexington Insurance Company
  • Prudential Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Insurance Company
  • New America Insurance Company
  • New Hampshire Insurance
  • Qualsure Insurance Company
  • Royal Insurance Company
  • Sentry Insurance Company
  • St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance
  • Southern Family Insurance
  • Southern Preferred Insurance
  • Snake Farm Insurance Company
  • Travelers Insurance Company
  • USAA Insurance Company
  • Zurich Insurance Company

It is my experience, after handling property claims for/and against most of the above listed insurance companies, as either their claim’s representative or on behalf of the consumer, that policy holders are better off utilizing the services of a licensed public adjuster.

Why? Because all of the above companies either outsource their claim handling to an independent claim adjuster, who represents the insurance company, or to a staff adjuster who is employed by the insurance company.

Both the independent adjuster’s and the staff adjuster’s jobs are to resolve your insurance claim, while keeping the financial interest of their employer as their main objective. These adjusters are trained and put under pressure to control your claim cost to their employer.

There our many subjective issues when it comes to evaluating and estimating your property damage and the interpretation of the insurance policy language as it relates to your claim.

As a public adjuster my loyalty is to you my client. There are no outside influences to distract my purpose to gain you the best, most accurate and fair insurance settlement.

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Remember … the bigger the claim the more you need the advocacy of a licensed Public Adjuster.


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