Don’t Just Hire Any Stinking Public Adjuster

Insurance companies and restoration contractors often loudly voice the opinion that homeowners should never hire public adjusters — but did you ever wonder why? Perhaps it’s because they don’t want you working with someone who understands the industry. Public adjusters have a great deal of experience with the claims process, insurance policy law, construction and […]

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What Can Florida Policyholders Learn from Hurricane Sandy Victims Not Satisfied with Insurance Claims?

Most people expect that when a natural disaster hits their home or property, their insurance company will be right there to get you the compensation you need to make repairs. However, that’s not always the case. In many situations, especially after a big storm that damages thousands of homes, insurance companies are reluctant to pay […]

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Florida Residents: Insurance Appraisal May Be the Answer for Unfair Insurance Offers!

If you are involved in an insurance dispute, it may seem like you have no other option but to settle for the small payout that the insurance company offers. When the amount that is offered doesn’t pay for the repairs to your home or business, it is simply unfair. After all, you had paid your […]

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10 Myths About Insurance Companies and Insurance Claims

The Truth About Who to Trust When You Need to File a Claim! Watch This Video! 1. Believing that the insurance company is your friend. The insurance companies spend multi-millions of dollars to convince the policy holders that they are on their side, and that they are in good hands, however, can anyone truly be […]

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Flood Insurance Adjusters Enjoying Their “Government Authority” Too Much    Some of the FEMA flood adjusters working with Hurricane Sandy relief are experienced, but in times of crisis, when many hands are needed, you will find that most of them only took a short three-day course to learn how to handle claims. The certification program […]

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How to Make the Best of a Super Storm Sandy Insurance Claim

Mistakes to Avoid When Filing an Insurance Claim for Hurricane Sandy Any homeowner who was affected by Hurricane Sandy, will tell you that they wish they had video footage to prove what they had, and what it looked like, before the hurricane hit their home. It’s impossible to remember everything, and especially small details, when […]

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Who is Your Hurricane Sandy Insurance Adjuster?

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters

Who do they REALLY work for? Did you know that your flood policy states that “The insurance adjuster whom we hire to investigate your claim may furnish you with a proof of loss form, and she or he may help you complete it. However, this is a matter of courtesy only, and you must still […]

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Hurricane Victims: Read This Before You Settle Your Insurance Claim!

What a Public Insurance Adjuster Can Do For You When a disaster occurs at your home or business, where do you begin as you sort through the mess and decide what to do next? When acts of nature greatly affect your homestead or business, how should you proceed? After a natural disaster occurs, such as […]

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Hurricane Sandy Victims: Don’t Settle On the First Offer!

Hire a Professional Haggler to Help You Settle Your Claim  Ask yourself this question: Do you think that you always get the best price on everything on the         first try?  Of course not!  Insurance companies won’t typically give you their best offer at their initial presentation, either. A Good negotiator will hold out to see […]

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Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Appears to Rubber Stamp Virtually Any Rate Hike Requested by Property Insurance Companies

Despite the supposed 10% annual caps on rate increases that are supposed to be in place for Florida property insurance companies, company after company gets away with increasing their rates by bedding down with Governor Rick Scott and the heavily Republican State Legislature. As reported on June 27, 2012 by regular insurance writer, Julie Patel […]

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