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3 Disaster Preparation Tips for Florida Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, do you take regular stock of your inventory and supplies on hand? Most businesses do. What if you sell a service? Do you have an inventory of your business equipment, furniture, fixtures and the like? Most businesses don’t. Nobody thinks about the desks they sit behind, the chairs they sit on or the supplies they use day to day, especially when they’re things you use day-to-day.

But if there’s a pipe leak, a flood or a fire, and you need to file a commercial insurance claim, everything has to be accounted for. From fixtures and furniture to paperclips, pens, computer mice and toilet paper, too! Everything gets counted. People don’t think about it but that’s part of why you have commercial insurance.

Is your business ready in the event of an emergency? Here are 3 disaster preparation tips to help you prepare for that “just in case” situation:

  • Inventory business equipment – Copiers, fax machines, phones, 2-way radios. You name it. Right down to keyboards and mice. Take photos of each item, front and back and keep a log for each office or desk complete with make, Model, Serial number and a brief description where applicable. If you get rid of something or replace it, record that, too.
  • Log furniture – When you have an insurance claim, everything that you would take with you in a move gets recorded, and that includes office furniture. Keep a record of desks, chairs, lamps, computers, credenzas, you name it. Recording dimensions, materials and purchase date is helpful, too. (E.g. 4 drawer laminated MDF executive desk with center locking shelf. 50” x 22” x 25”)
  • Track supplies – Most people buy supplies for their office all the time. You, or your assistant, place an order with your supply company, they deliver the supplies and they get put away. Does anyone track it? No, I’m not suggesting you track every pen or piece of paper used in your office. However, knowing roughly what you have is helpful in the event of a disaster. It will also keep your office more organized, if it isn’t already organized.

It’s helpful to keep records of what’s in your office. Store that information off-site, on a thumb drive or in a cloud application, so that you have it should you need it. In the event that your Florida business needs to file a commercial insurance claim, the more information you have the faster putting the claim together goes.

The public adjusters at Advocate Claims will tell you that the process moves much quicker when you have proof of ownership, including Model and Serial Numbers. You’ll get more money back and be able to recover quicker!

For over 10 years, Advocate Claims public adjusters have been helping Florida business owners get the commercial insurance claim settlements they deserve. If your business has recently suffered damages, Advocate Claims can help. Contact our public adjusters today at 954-369-0573 to speak with a licensed public adjuster about the insurance claim process and what we can do to help.

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