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3 Maintenance Areas Homeowners Should Check to Avoid Property Damage Insurance Claims

It’s important to periodically check systems and parts of your house where failure can cause damage to your home and personal property.  3 areas we suggest you check for routine maintenance include:

  • Roof/gutters – Check your roof for leaves, tree branches, twigs, wild animal waste and other debris that might get stuck in the roof crevices, gutters or between gutters and your roof as these can cause leaks that can eventually cause internal and structural damage.
  • Water heaters – Getting your water heater checked periodically to make sure everything is in good working order is important as a water heater bursts or malfunctions that lead to leaks and flooding are a common personal property claim issue. Water heater bursts, depending upon where the heater is located, can cause thousands of dollars in damage so getting yours checked as preventative maintenance is always a good idea.
  • HVAC systems – If you’re like most people, your HVAC system is out of sight, out of mind until it’s not functioning. It’s a good idea to check it periodically for overflowing drip pans, holes in drip pans and other leaks. It’s also important to have it serviced professionally on a regular basis.

These three areas cause many homeowners a great deal of time and money loss when something goes awry. Doing an overall check of your home inside and out periodically is always a good idea to check for possible problems and fix them before they become property losses.

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