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3 Things Your Florida Homeowners Insurance May Not Cover

When you think of your homeowners’ insurance policy, do you assume that if an item is in your home it is covered? If you said, ‘yes’, you might be wrong! It turns out, not everything in your home is necessarily covered by your standard homeowners’ insurance policy.

Many people have the standard furniture, electronics, and household items in their home. However, some things in your home or on your property may not be covered by your policy

3 Things your Florida homeowners insurance might not cover:

  • Cash – This is not the money that you would have in your wallet, this is the money under your mattress type cash. Large amounts of money, if stolen, may not be reimbursable by your homeowners insurance.
  • Pool slides or diving boards – Got a pool? Does it have a diving board or slide next to it? Double check your homeowners’ insurance policy to see if it is covered. Some insurance companies either charge a higher premium or refuse to insure pools with slides or diving boards.
  • Fine jewelry – If you have fine jewelry it may not be covered by your homeowners’ policy. You may have to purchase what is known as a rider. Talk with your insurance agent or public adjuster to determine the best course of action to take so that your fine jewelry is covered in case of theft or damage.

It is important to review your policy annually to determine what kind of coverage is best for your home and property. If you are not sure, get in touch with your licensed public adjuster as they are experienced and happy to assist you.

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