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When Your Florida Homeowners Insurance Is Up For Renewal

It is good to do an annual review of your expenses and that includes your homeowners insurance. Has anything changed since you last renewed it? Changes to your property or assets may mean changes to your homeowners’ insurance policy.

Have you gotten a dog or other animals that might require more insurance? Have you built on to your residential or commercial structure? Did you sell your boat or other recreational vehicles for which you paid a higher premium?

When assessing your current homeowners’ insurance policy there are some things to consider:  

  • Premium – If things have changed or you are able to pay a higher deductible to lower your premium, review your policy with your public adjuster and your insurance agent to see if you can lower your premium.
  • Assets – Have your assets changed? If you recently acquired or sold any valuable assets, your homeowners insurance policy and premium may also be affected.
  • Coverage – Talk with your insurance agent or public adjust about making sure you have adequate coverage for your assets and your property.

Renewal is a great time to review your insurance policies to see if any changes can be or need to be made, especially changes that could save you money. You might also be eligible for new discounts so check with your insurance agent to see what is new with your insurance company.

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