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Turkey Frying Safety Tips for Your Florida Home

Thanksgiving is drawing near. Time for friends, family, and good eats! It is important to remember that with lots of people and lots of cooking, can come lots of chaos. If you are frying a turkey make sure that you are extra careful, especially if there is a lot of people at your home.

Fried turkeys taste great and are relatively easy to cook. However, we sometimes throw common sense out the window in lieu of convenience during the holidays. Take these 3 precautions this Thanksgiving to ensure safe turkey frying:

  • Watch for flammable items – If you decide to fry your turkey, situate the fryer away from the exterior of the home. Eaves, which are the bottom edge of the roof, and the exterior sidings of the home have the potential to melt or catch fire. This happens more frequently than you realize and can ruin a great Thanksgiving gathering, not to mention your home.
  • Fire extinguisher – When turkey frying or doing any cooking that involves an open flame, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher nearby. This way if you need it you have it and can use it to lessen any damage.
  • Water source – Have a hose nearby that is attached to a water spigot in case you need to douse your turkey fryer or grill, in the event of a flare up. This will keep any damage away from your home and hopefully keep the celebration going.

These are just a few hints for a successful and safe turkey frying. While fried turkey and its savory, crispy coating is delicious, if not done safely it can ruin an entire gathering on Thanksgiving and for months afterwards.

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