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Is Your Florida Business Adequately Insured?

Whether you have made changes to your Florida business recently or not, a quick review of your commercial insurance policy to make sure that it adequately addresses your needs, is always a good idea.

Whether you sell goods or services out of your business, it is important to make sure that everything in your business is insured in the event of a catastrophic loss such as a fire, flood, or burglary. Below lists four areas of your business insurance policy that you should review with your licensed public adjuster.

  • Liability Coverage – Is your liability coverage up-to-date? Is it adequate? Are you covered in the event of a slip, fall, or other accident on your property?
  • Contents Coverage – Do you have adequate coverage for your office contents? Many businesses do not have adequate coverage for the entire contents of their office and do not realize it until after it is too late and they are trying to file a claim.
  • Assets Coverage – Are your assets covered in the event of a loss to the business? Review your policy to ensure that you have adequate assets coverage.
  • Loss of Income Coverage – Is your business insured against loss of income? Usually when a business suffers a commercial loss, the business has to shut down or modify operations for a period of time while they go through the clean-up, claims and rebuilding processes. Speak with your insurance agent to ensure you have adequate coverage for lost income.

These four areas are ones that you may want to review in your commercial insurance policy. A thorough policy review on an annual basis, or when major changes take place, is always a good idea. Your licensed public adjuster will happily sit down with you to review your policy and recommend any changes that might be necessary.

For over 10 years, Advocate Claims’ public adjusters have been helping business owners get the commercial insurance claim settlements that they deserve. If you have recently suffered a commercial insurance loss, Advocate Claims can help. Contact our public adjusters today at 954-369-0573 to speak with a licensed public adjuster about the insurance claim process and what we can do to help.

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