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41% of Homeowners Had Insurance Claim Disputes

Tips for Getting Your Insurance Claim Paid 

When purchasing a home, or purchasing insurance you worry with the “important things” like your mortgage company or broker and the APR for your financing. Often times you overlook your homeowners’ insurance and choose the preferred company recommended by your lender. The problem with this is when your home suffers damages from a storm, the one that will or won’t help you is your insurer.

According to a recent Consumer Reports study in 2014, statistics show that 41% of homeowners filing a claim over $30,000 had at least one of the following disagreements with their insurer during the insurance claim process: disputes about coverage, disagreement over damages, and delays in reimbursement and/or slow payouts.

So here are the top homeowner tips for getting your insurance claim disputes paid:

  1. Choose Carefully
  2. Put on the Boxing Gloves
  3. Make Friends Today for Tomorrow
  4. Beware of falling trees

When purchasing a home, or purchasing insurance choose your homeowner’s insurance company. Read reviews on insurance companies in your area and nationwide homeowner insurance companies. The top satisfaction insurers are Amica, USAA, and Auto-Owners. There are catches to some of these insurance companies such as USAA requires current or previous military services and Amica has location pockets for coverage. These are examples of why it is crucial to do your research before choosing a company.

Jump in the ring and prepare for a fight. As hurricane season begins insurers are preparing for large-scale losses; they are preparing and so should you! Find a reliable public adjuster and ask questions. It is important that you understand your insurance policy and your coverage before suffering a loss. Ask questions about the house value, applicable coverage required to get full protection in a total loss, and fill “exclusion” gaps with separate optional insurance policies, such as flood, hurricane, or earthquake (depending on your location). Knowing the answer to all of these questions could save you an immense amount of money and frustration.

After your home has suffered damages you learn a few tips for future insurance claims, such as making friends today for tomorrow. Make a list of important contractors and home repair companies; such as an electrician, plumber, pool company, and contractor. Have a set list of people you prefer to use can save the headache of your insurer’s approved contractors. Finding a trustworthy public insurance adjuster is important because after a major storm, they are hard to find. The same with a Homeowner’s insurance companies are difficult to work with during the insurance claim process, that why you should interview credible and experience public adjusters before a major storm so when you need help your claim they are there. Advocate Claims public adjusters have been assisting homeowners with insurance claims for over 10 years.

The Bulgarian proverb says “A tree falls the way it leans.” Landscaping your home can bring beautiful curb appeal but can also be a hidden hazard to an approaching storm. Be familiar with your insurance policy and an exclusions regarding tree removal and damages. For example, if your neighbor’s tree hits your home, your policy covers it, not theirs; but if a tree falls on your car, your auto insurance covers it – depending on your coverage. Ask your agent if tree removal is covered by your policy, if it does not, have a plan in case a storm sweeps several trees onto your property.