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Know Your Insurance Policy and What it Covers

Making sure that you are insured when hurricane season is around the corner can be really confusing. And considering that flood insurance has a thirty day waiting period before it is put into effect, waiting until there is a storm headed your way is not the best option.

First and foremost, there is renters insurance and then there is homeowners insurance. There is quite a broad world in terms of insurance. Some homeowners’ insurance policies cover some things, and doesn’t cover others, and vice versa. No such thing – A typical homeowners insurance policy covers the basics. It covers your home and your belongings inside the home.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover fire, lightning strikes, windstorms, and hail, but earthquakes and flooding typically isn’t included.

If you live in a building that is not yours, like an apartment or a condo rental, your building might be insured but that doesn’t mean that your belongings are. Renters insurance usually covers kitchen fires, water damage, burglary, and most “acts of God.” Having the insurance that applies to you is of utmost importance.

After you have the insurance that is either homeowners or renters insurance, now you have to focus on things that are more flood specific. It is good to have personal property protection no matter what the circumstances. It’s also beneficial to have a good idea of the monetary value of your possessions, in case anything were to ever happen to them.

Although some homeowners’ policies cover most “acts of God”, they typically don’t cover flood damage. Flood insurance has to be purchased separately. Flood insurance typically has a thirty day waiting period before it becomes effective, so it is important to plan ahead and be proactive.

Generally homeowners insurance will cover temporary living expenses if you cannot live in your home, but only to an extent. It is important to do a yearly check up on all of your insurance policies to make sure that your home and belongings are protected. Sometimes flood zones get redrawn, or your home’s foundation shifted, so there is an extra fee, and so on. It is important to keep up with what is going on with your home to ensure that there won’t be any surprises right before flood season. Also, a lot of insurance companies either stop selling insurance or won’t upgrade the insurance you have right before a storm. Make sure your home is protected.

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